Monday, May 2, 2011

Making the decision

When I tell people I'm leaving the country I get a lot of "Oh I wish I could do something like that" or "I want to do that one day".  The difference between me and those people is I actually am doing it.  Now I'm not trying to sound condescending but if you want to do something in your life GO. DO. IT.  Do not wait around for a hand out or the "right time" to come around.  Make right now the right time, and go for it.

I decided to move abroad about 7 months ago.  I have few ties to home right now (well besides my wonderful family and friends!!!) no kids, mortgage payment, car payment, etc. so this is my time to go make some drastic decisions.  I do have a few financial obligations here in the States-- a loan to pay off, my rent to pay until August, and hell just leaving my job for the unknown.  But I've lived off of peanut butter before and I can do it again (well this time it might be mangoes... yum!)

Finding a job was one of my top priorities and I started looking for a teaching position in December 2010.  I literally google searched "bilingual schools in Costa Rica" and got tons of results.  The internet is the greatest tool of our time.  Decide what it is you want to do, where you want to go and google it!  I spent about a week tweaking my resume and applying to a grand total of 7 schools in Costa Rica.  I heard back from only one saying there were no positions available.  I wasn't disheartened and I continued to look for positions.

In some sort of crazy coincidence I was put in contact with a teacher at a school in San Jose and he emailed my resume directly to the school director.  I thought for sure I would nail this job (I mean I'm a seriously awesome teacher), but found out about a week ago I didn't get that one either.  The school did say they might have room for me to substitute and then "something may come up later".

So right now I don't have a job, don't have a solid plan, don't have a work visa, and I'm still going to buy my ticket to San Jose to get the show rolling.  You have to be able to take these kinds of chances if you really want to get somewhere.  Stop making excuses for yourself.