Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Best Steel Roller Coaster in the World

I just got back from a great few days in Cedar Point!  We left on Wednesday morning when Adrienne and Kevin came and picked us up in Greensboro.  Then we had a 9 hour drive up to Sandusky, Ohio where Cedar Point is.  Luckily, I had secured a couchsurfer for the 4 of us for both the nights we were planning on staying.  I also managed to talk Adrienne out of going to Hershey, PA, since no one really wanted to go.  We got to our host's house, went to eat, and slept right away.

Already worn out the first night at the couch surfer's house.

The next morning we woke up bright and early to leave for Cedar Point, which was a short 10 minute drive away.  Oscar and I immediately went over to get a wheelchair which cost $25, $10 of which was a deposit.  After a little frustration in trying to figure out how to get a cripple like me to the coasters (wheelchairs DON'T just jump to the front like I originally thought), we finally got on the Raptor and our day of roller coaster-ing began.

Oscar pushing me in the wheelchair as we wait for a ride to reopen after a downpour of rain.

The lines were pretty short so we rode a ton of rides.  We got on the Top Thrill Dragster after a short 45 minute wait.  The wait time is usually 2+ hours so we were real siked.  Afterwards we headed for the Mean Streak, a wooden coaster that bumps around so bad I always swear I'll never go on again... yet like an Alzheimer's patient I found myself getting knocked around again this year.  Another great coaster, the Millennium Force, we got to ride twice, once with the line only taking a mere 15 minutes!  The Millennium won the award for the "Best Steel Coaster in the World".  My new favorite ride was a new one in 2009, the Maverick.  It's a launch ride (meaning it uses magnets and shoots you really fast along the track) that has a ton of flips, turns, and corkscrews.  I was truly impressed with that one.

Oscar and the Maverick, my new favorite ride!!

The Millennium, a 400 ft drop followed by a long smooth ride.

The Mean Streak, why oh why do I always get on it??!!

Top Thrill Dragster, 0-120mph in 4 seconds, followed by a 400 ft hill at 90 degrees.  Pretty intense shit.

We had a two day pass and after a full day in the sun we were exhausted as we headed to eat a quick dinner before passing out in the house again.  The second day was quicker, we left around 2pm after hitting a fun water ride and eating some frozen custard.

Adrienne and Kevin are exhausted.

After the water ride!

Leaving at the end of the day.

My Aunt Terri lives in Dublin, OH and decided to give up her house to me and my 7 friends for the night.  She took out her chameleon, Cthulhu, for us to see then bought us pizza and beer.  The next morning she made us pancakes and eggs (what a good Auntie!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Oscar and Cthulhu hanging out.

So we arrived in Greensboro a few hours ago and then went out to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Kiosko.  After gorging on totopos (Mexican slang for chips and salsa), we came home to talk about what a great time we had in Ohio.

Adrienne loves the salsa at Kioskos.  Definitely the best Mexican place I've ever been to.

Below are what I call "roller coaster portraits".  I told my friends to show me their roller coaster face.  I think they turned out pretty funny.=)