Thursday, July 7, 2011

Underwater huh?

I have plenty of time right now to do some blogging.  I've put together all the stuff I need to get rid of before making the big move and am attempting a moving sale.  We'll see what we get rid of!  So as I sit and wait for prospective purchasers, I will blog!

Saturday (the day after the wedding) Sarah and I headed to downtown LA where a museum sponsored by the school FIDM promised costumes from Star Wars and other movies.  When we arrived, we were disappointed to find that it only had a "Little Black Dress" display which was an homage to Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Well we got to see a couple neat black dresses worn by celebrities in movies, but no storm trooper costume.

After that, we headed to Los Felices, which is a fancy-pants area of LA where celebrities live.  Sarah told me Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a house in the hills, but was unable to produce any famous faces.  To which I hold her personally accountable for.  But famous people aside, we saw some awesome mansions and got a great, smogy view of the LA skyline.  We snapped a few pictures then headed down to K-town for lunch.

Sarah next to what I assume is Angelina Jolie's house!

Korea town (or K-town as the local LA-ians call it) is one of the more dangerous parts of LA.  But, we went during the day for some Korean grub.  I'd never had Korean before and was quite appreciative that Sarah was there to guide me through the experience.  We ordered kimchi and sundubu jjigae following Sarah's recommendations.  Kimchi is a sort of appetizer, and sundubu is a hot tofu soup.  First came the kimchi.  There was a potato salad, cabbage, a whole fried fish, two raw eggs and some other stuff that I could not name.  Now had I gone by myself and someone had just dropped a raw egg in front of me, I would have been baffled about how to proceed.  Luckily, Sarah informed me that you are supposed to break the raw egg into the extremely hot sundubu (tofu soup).  I got a bean and cheese sundubu, and Sarah got mushroom and onion.  It was one of the more amazing meals I had, though I had a bit of trouble navigating with metal chopsticks.

Sarah and the Korean spread!
Metal chopsticks??  Why did they do this to me?!

After packing up our massive leftovers, we headed to Hollywood to visit one of Sarah's friends, Bethany.  We hung out at the apartment for a bit then walked down to Hollywood Blvd.  We had ice cream sundaes at the Disney ice cream shop, I snapped a couple pictures of the stars on the sidewalk, then we returned to the apartment.  The Walk of Fame was nice to see, but wasn't anything real spectacular in my opinion.

Bethany and her ice cream face.

The Walk of Fame.

After chatting for another hour or so, Sarah and I packed up and headed to Theater Asylum for her friend's one-woman show called "Headscarf and the Angry Bitch" which was being featured in LA's Fringe Festival.  The show was fantastic, funny and thoughtful.  I would highly recommend it to anyone, she's still touring, though I believe in Toronto right now.  After a full hour of laughs, we talked with Zehra (the star of Headscarf) and went to find a place to grab some food.  We settled with Magnolia, a great restaurant, but a little pricey.  (Isn't everything in Hollywood?)

Sarah in front of Theater Asylum

Dinner at Magnolia.

The next day, Sunday, my sister's best friend from high school swung by to pick me up and take me to Santa Clarita where my sister was waiting for us.  Oh yeah, have I not explained why I was even in California?  My sister, Britta, went to California for the national underwater hockey tournament.  Underwater what?  I won't go into detail explaining it, just watch the video.  She played with the San Diego team, because her local team from Charleston, SC didn't compete.  They got fourth in the B division.  We had a beer-drinking good time at the reception, decided to catch a ride to San Diego instead of going to Big Sur as originally planned, then headed home for a good night's sleep... (more on San Diego in the next post!  Preview: baskets of wine, koala bears, and tea time)

Britta proves underwater hockey is real, check out the article!

The first time players at Nationals.