Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And the search continues

The other day Kris from 2sporks1cup blog was nice enough to send me a link with a possible volunteer opportunity in Costa Rica.  I of course attacked it.  The organization is called EVOLC, and it places volunteer English teachers with a group of students.  You work with the students for anywhere between 3 months to a year.  Turns out it is one of those "pay to volunteer" organizations that I try to stay away from.  I mean if I'm not getting paid to work, why should I have to PAY to work?  But it looked like most of the cost went to providing the volunteer with a host family and 3 meals a day.  Because I need neither of those things, I was sure that the price would have to drop drastically.

I filled out the lengthy application, tweaked my CV and sent it in.  Just an hour later I got a sad reply.  The program I was hoping to be a part of in Heredia needs certified English teachers.  I'm certified in science so they couldn't place me there.  The other option that was given to me was to work with INA, the Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje.  With this program you help a certified English teacher teach to a group of students 15+ who would otherwise not be able to afford classes.  Sounds great right?  Well there's two problems, 1- the $1250 I would have to pay, and 2- not in San Jose or anywhere close.  The lady from EVOLC actually suggested I sub-let my apartment for 3 months to do this instead.

So... the search continues...