Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I've already lived in Costa Rica.  For a short time (about 11 months total).  But that means I sort of know what I'm getting myself into.  Which is a good thing.  But it also means I know all the things I'm going to miss about the USA before I even leave it.  Here's a list:

1. Websites that only work in the USA (ie: hulu, pandora)
2. Wearing my jewelry without worrying about getting robbed
3. Seasons
4. Traffic laws
5. Blending in

Fall always takes my breath away

But I should be optimistic.  So, here's a longer list of things I'm excited to be around again in Costa Rica.

1. The mountains.  Everywhere.
2. Easy and affordable public transportation
3. Mangoes
4. Gallo pinto
5. Spanish
6. Dance clubs where people actually dance
7. Suicide showers
8. Chivalry (even though the motive is still to get into your pants)
9. Hibiscus flowers on sidewalks
10. Monkeys (even though the ticos hate them)

Some gringa friends from my first stint in CR

Mountains surround you in San Jose