Friday, August 12, 2011

Destino Final: Costa Rica

I boarded my plane that was leaving the USA in Washington DC.  It seems only right that my last stop on the way out was in our nation's capitol.  In the terminal I saw that I was the only blonde, and more than likely the only gringa, waiting for the plane.  As they called out instructions first in Spanish, and then English I made my way to board.  As I got on I heard the TACA staff greeting everyone "Bienvenidos, bienvenidos, buenos dias..." and of course as this blonde turned the corner I got a throaty "Hello".  The plane ride to Costa Rica was long and I was kept awake by a screaming 2-year old next to me, but I made it in one piece and so did all my luggage.  Oscar was waiting for me at the airport and everything was so strangely familiar to me.  The taxistas yelling "TAXI?!" as you walk out of the airport, the cloudy weather, the occasional gringo backpacker looking hopelessly lost, it all adds up to San Jose, Costa Rica.

Leaving early in the morning from RDU.  Got my Durham shirt to prove it.

Since arriving on August 9 it seems that we've done a lot, though we still have so much more to do.  Day one Oscar took me to our apartment where I took a nap, then headed to his mom's house to have a delicious dinner.  Day two was spent mostly unpacking and napping (as I had slept horribly the night before) followed by a few cervezas with Oscar's best friend, Ricardo.  Day three was full of errands.  We got some new pillows, towels, and some great kitchen stuff we bought off a posting from Craig's List (yes there's a Craig's List in Costa Rica).  Oscar also helped me in getting a cell phone, which was extremely easy and cheap.  His sister gave me an old phone to use and then we headed to a place to buy a little prepaid sim card.  The prepaid plan starts at 2,500 colones (equal to about $5) which gives you about 830 minutes.  We ended the day with our first homemade dinner in our new apartment, accompanied by some txakoli that Jay gave us and I hauled through customs.

First dinner in new apartment!

Today we still have a lot to do.  We will be heading into San Jose to do some shopping and attempt to find me some Italian classes to take and a swim team to work out with.  Tonight we're going to have dinner with my host family from when I was living here 3 years ago, and then possibly heading out to go dancing.

Life here is good, though I still miss home at times.  Hoping to meet some friends of my own soon, so I'll have someone to call on my new phone!