Friday, August 26, 2011

The great thing about Costa Rica you get to park where ever the F you want.

In other news, I am still looking for a job or volunteer position.  I've applied to two more places, and got in contact with the Costa Rican organization IMAS.  It's basically a service organization.  The lady in charge is very excited to have me and has already called and said she found a place for me to work.  I would work in Pavas with the Salvation Army.  But, Oscar says that the area is pretty dangerous and I would need my own Salvation Army just to go there. (ha ha)  So I will continue to look... more...

This weekend I have some things planned, but nothing really truly exciting.  Tonight I'm going to eat at my mama's house.  We went two weeks ago, but their water was out.  So tonight hopefully I'll get to taste my mama's food again!  Saturday I'm going downtown to shop with a girl I met at a couchsurfing meeting a week ago.  Then that night Oscar has decided to take me on a romantic date with his 2 friends to Hooters so we (they) can watch the MMA fight.  *swoon*  Sunday we'll probably hang out and go to his mom's house for coffee.  Then Monday will come and I'll still be looking for a job.

Well it's 12:30pm, which means there is 30 minutes until it starts to rain.  So I'll run to the pharmacy before it starts to pour.  Until later!