Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keeping myself busy

Oscar arrived in San Jose today and gave me a call to let me know he was there, well, and already partying.  That means I have one week until I'm in San Jose, doing well, and already partying.

Today I had to run around and get a lot of errands done.  I had a final doctor's appointment to squeeze in, bills to pay, and bank accounts to take care of.  I still need to make my mom an administrator to my accounts just in case something needs to be done while I'm away.  One bank suggested I give her power of attorney, which I was all about, until I realized it was a huge process that I just don't feel like getting into.

My to-do list is still long and daunting.  I also am trying to fit in a few more visits from friends before I head off.  Plus to make myself stand out even more in Costa Rica, I'm heading to the salon tomorrow to get some more blonde highlights.  Hola machita!

In other news I'm feeling anxious about moving.  Oscar will have a full time job and I will have nothing.  I need something to do or I will be bored and miserable.  So I spent a lot of time today scouring the internet attempting to find information on social groups in San Jose.  It was frustrating and didn't yield many useful results.  I mostly found tourist info (Gold Museum) or general info I already know (visas, where to live, etc).  I have joined a Costa Rica forum and will let you know the outcome of the site.  Some forums are extremely helpful, others have old members who can't stand new members, and some sites are visited so infrequently you'll never get a response.  We'll see how this one turns out.

I would love to find a swim team to join and Italian classes.  Yes, my Spanish could use more work, but I think the best way to improve it now is just start using it daily.  And I would really like to land a part-time job.  I think I'm going to have to wait to show up and find out what's popping.  That's just how it goes sometimes.