Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pancake Sunday

Sunday has always been my favorite day of the week.  There was lots of fun things to do on a Sunday when I was little.  Being raised in a non-religious family meant taking advantage of the time when most people are in church to get other things done.  And because we live in the bible belt, most people are in church.

Early Sunday mornings my dad would go to the grocery store.  I would always accompany him there and our little trips to the store were one of my favorite things to do.  Sometimes I'd be allowed to take just one stuffed animal with me and if I was really lucky I could bring it inside with me!  On other days we would head out to eat breakfast at one of our favorite spots, Briggs.  We would always do our best to get in before "the church people" came.  But most Sundays, and the best Sundays, were Pancake Sundays.

Ever since I can remember my dad has been making us breakfast on Sunday mornings.  He makes the batter from scratch and would use a pan that cooks four pancakes at a time.  Of course being 3 of us (my brother, sister and I) it was always a fight to see who got the fourth pancake.  We would be playing around somewhere in the house when we would here the magic words "Kiii-iiids!  Chip time!"  We would all come running.  My dad would have a little bowl of chocolate chips waiting for us.  We would select our own pancake, personalize it with as many or as few chocolate chips as we wanted, and then wait for our delicious creation to turn golden brown.  Before he served them up on warm plates he heated in the oven, he would make sure which pancake belonged to which child "Who had the top right?  It's ready!"

Butter would melt over our warm pancakes as we poured on real maple syrup from Up State New York.  I have always loved applesauce and some days, when a jar was in the fridge, I would put a huge glob right on top.  My siblings and I would eat until we couldn't move.  Sometimes if we were lucky enough, there would be leftovers for our lunch the next day!

Throughout the years Pancake Sunday changed occasionally to Waffle Sunday, once my dad acquired a waffle iron.  The toppings became more varied including fresh cut fruits, powdered sugar, and, on special occasions, even whipped cream.  Pancake Sunday has been around through my entire life.  Even once my parents got divorced, all 3 kids went to college, and my sister moved out of state, Pancake Sunday survived.

Today was my most recent Pancake Sunday (though I requested waffles, seeing as though waffles aren't as available in Costa Rica.)  The usual spread was out-- warm plates from the oven, butter ready to melt, real maple syrup heated to perfection, freshly cut peaches, powdered sugar, and for me, applesauce.  But had I asked for pancakes, on this, my favorite day of the week, I would have sat down and waited for the two glorious words... "chip time".

Pouring home made batter into the waffle iron.

Keeping the waffles and plates warm in the oven.