Monday, August 1, 2011


My goodness.  What kind of travel blogger am I if I can't even blog while traveling?

Well I just got back from the epic road trip up north.  Oscar, my friend Paula, and I spent 4 days in DC, 6 days in NYC, 1 day in Cortland, 2 days camping in central NY, and 4 days in Orchard Park.  What a trip.

Oscar and Lady Liberty.

In the Intrepid (we scored free tickets!)

At Braai, a South African restaurant in NYC

With a drag queen

At a free concert in Brooklyn

It would obviously take up too much time to blog about the entire trip but I do have one story that I really would like to tell.  After we spent the night at my Uncle Eugene's house in Cortland, the whole gang (me, Oscar, Paula, my mom, her boyfriend, Jay and doggy Baby Boy) all packed up and headed to Stony Brook state park on Kueca lake (one of the 11 finger lakes in New York).

We got our spot and parked the camper and got the tent set up for Jay and Baby Boy.  After some good beer drinking it began to rain, so we huddled under the easy-up tarp that we brought.  In a few more minutes it began dumping rain, so I told Jay "You should go zip up the windows".  In he went to batten down the hatches.  Then the rain turned into a monsoon and we all rushed into the camper for some protection.  We were tired and decided to turn in for the night. 

Oscar and I were to sleep in what he dubbed "the coffin" which is the bed that overhangs the front cab of the camper.  I began to clear out the coffin when I realized that the ceiling was leaking.  Not only was there a huge wet puddle in the middle of the mattress, all the blankets being stored in the coffin were also soaked.  I decided to go out and sleep in the tent with Jay, Baby Boy and Paula.  I run through the rain and hop into the tent to find a HUGE puddle in the middle of the tent.  "What in the world happened?" I asked.  Turns out Jay had only zipped up one window and had left the other wide open during the rain storm.  He later told me he was wondering why I said "windows" since there was only one...

Paula takes one for the team and sleeps in the puddle, shielded only by a towel and a water-proof sleeping pad.  I take the blow up mattress with Jay and Baby Boy.  When the tent begins to drip onto me.  Yes, it had rained so much that the tent was now leaking through the walls.  But, we finally managed to get to sleep after Jay jabbered on for about an hour or so about how he was missing his 600 thread count sheets and whether we would be able to find orange zest for french toast the next morning.

When the morning did finally come, Oscar stumbled out of the camper looking like he had spent the night in a puddle.  Well he had, the ceiling had continued to leak on him all night.  We had to strip the tent, the mattress and take out the blankets to attempt to dry everything off.  And by "we" I mean "me", since everyone else was busy sipping coffee.  Oscar did fix the roof for us though!

Oscar fixing the roof, lots of stuff up to dry.

Baby boy checking out the wreckage.

Oscar is leaving for Costa Rica tomorrow, and I'm leaving next week.  We're currently trying to fit all of his (mostly my) stuff into as few bags as possible so we (he) doesn't get hit too hard with fines from the airline.  I won't start packing til this weekend.  I'm excited for Costa Rica!!!

In front of Niagara Falls