Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Random Thoughts

So none of these thoughts are developed enough to create full posts.  So here they are all combined.

In my persuit to appear more tica (yeah right tall, blonde girl) I have went to buy some new "tica" clothes.  Ticas here usually wear tight pants, low-cut shirts and high heels.  Imagine a lady matching her bra straps to her earrings.  That's a tica.  Though you might think otherwise, I am a bit too modest to imitate a tica.  But still, I've been looking.  The great thing is in Costa Rica it is quite easy to find jeans meant to fit big booties.  Not saying that I have a giant one, but let's just say sometimes all the junk will not fit into the American Eagle jeans trunk.  What I have found extraordinarily painful is trying to find shoes.  Most places only carry up to a size 9 shoe.  The only place I saw that even carried 11s was in PayLess, where you will pay 3xs what you would pay in the USA.  I found it easier to find size 9 shoes that "run large" than find a 10.  Luckily I did finally get a pair of tica shoes.  One "step" closer!

Ants in Costa Rica are TERRIBLE!  They are everywhere and anywhere.  There's nothing you can do about it.  Luckily they're super tiny and easy to wipe away.  Just the other day I wiped up a bunch of ants and then couldn't figure out how to get their tiny ant corpses out of the sponge!  Having so many ants means having to wash stuff immediately, which I'm bad at since I hate doing the dishes.  Here is a picture of ants heading to eat bread out of the sink just 1 hour after neglecting to do the dishes.

Mi Familia!
On Friday Oscar and I went to go visit my host family from when I lived here 3 years ago.  Everyone was so excited to see us and my mama made me a delicious meal.  Here's my host sister, her husband, and their kid, Juli.  Juli was nothing more than a baby last time I saw him!  Now he's got hair!

Gallo Pinto
Pronounced: guy-yo pin-to.  This is the typical Costa Rican breakfast.  It's rice and beans cooked with cilantro, onion, garlic, and pepper, and served with eggs, bread, and fried plantains.  Oscar makes a fantastic gallo pinto.  You should eat the gallo pinto with natilla, which is a loved condiment similar (but not quite the same) to sour cream.  When asking for gallo pinto you can ask for it in the tico slang like this: "Un pintico con guevito patiado".

She makes me laugh!  Hehehe!  We gave her a bath on Sunday and man was that a two-person job.  Now she's all soft and nice smelling.  Finally got that animal-shelter stink/slim/mess off her.  She loves this rug.  She always goes and sits on it or sleeps on it.  Right now she's tearing it to pieces.  Why do you destroy what you love most, Perlita??

The Feria
I had to go alone to the feria last Saturday because Oscar was working.  I got a whole bunch of yummy fresh vegetables and fruits for under $10.  Good deal right?  Also, Mission: Smoothies was a success.  Last week I cut up and froze 8 different types of fruit.  They're now super accessible to dump into a blender and make a delicious snack.

For those who have never been to the CR.  Here's some pictures I took on our way to Santa Ana.  I am in love with the mountains of Costa Rica.  Unfortunately, the view is almost always blocked by barbed wire and electricity poles.  Here's the best I could snap in a moving car.  (lame, I know.  I'll get better pictures soon!)

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