Friday, August 19, 2011

Special Delivery

Last Saturday Oscar and I went to the weekly feria which is basically like a farmer's market.  It's the best place to get fresh fruits and veggies, though you'll buy fresh produce in just about any store here.  I mean think about when you go to the grocery store in the USA, all you see is "product of *insert tropical country here*". Well I happen to be in said tropical country.

Anyways, right next to the feria was a mattress shop.  I have been pleading with Oscar to get a new mattress, the one we've been sleeping on is who knows how old, and stinky.  I have terrible allergies, and sleeping on someone else's filth is probably not the best for me.  So we bought ourselves a new, queen sized mattress and box-spring.  They were out of queens and said it would be delivered Thursday.  Yesterday was Thursday.

Oscar told me he would be in around noon to get the mattress in the apartment.  He calls me up right around noon, very excited, saying to get my camera ready, I'm gonna want a picture of this!  So I got my camera.  And here's what I saw.

What I didn't take a picture of is how they then got it into the apartment.  Which was an adventure of it's own.  But I'm happy to say it's here and I'm sitting on it now extremely content.  (Oh and we did have to pay a delivery fee for some guy to just toss the mattress on top of his car, no ropes or anything.  It was 2000 colones which is equal to $4.00.)