Saturday, August 13, 2011

Un Zaguate

Because Oscar loves me and wants me to be happy, he has allowed me to get a dog.  It had to be a small, female adult that doesn't make too much noise.  After about a week of searching, I think we hit the jackpot today.

He drove me up the mountain to San Rafael de Heredia where a kennel is located.  We walked around the different doggies until we found one we both liked.  She was lying down, instead of barking and crazy, and was a cutie pie.  We asked if she was an adult and the man looked at her teeth and said "probably".  Oscar then asked if she was neutered, the guy lifts her up to look at her belly and says "no, but we'll do that right now".  So the man takes her into the back, and Oscar and I sit and wait.

During the time we were waiting for our new doggy, I saw what I consider to be some pretty funny things.  Maybe because I'm used to top notch vets where it miraculously doesn't smell like dog, and everything is clean.  In contrast, this shit hole smelled just like that, shit.  As we waited we watched the owner of the place walk around trailed by about 8 small, brown dogs.  They must have been hers as they followed her everywhere she went.  She even once used a hose to spray them away when she needed to attend to another dog.  After a while, two newly fixed dogs were brought out in a wheelbarrow.  Their heads were floppy and their tongues were out.  I don't think I've ever laughed so hard.  Not sure if it was because of the absurdity of transporting dogs in a wheelbarrow, or the fact that they were so dopey.

The duena followed by 2 of the many little, brown dogs

After a little over an hour our little doggy was brought out sleepy as ever.  Of course this is when the sky opened up and started to down pour.  We rushed her to the pet store which was right next door and bought all the necessities for our new little pet.  Everything was amazingly cheap compared to USA prices.  For the adoption, spaying, a harness, a leash, 2 dog bowls, shampoo, dog food, 2 types of pills and frontline flea medicine was a whopping $60.

We settled in our new little doggy and I put the frontline medicine on her.  Almost immediately I saw 5 enormous fleas jump off.  Yuck.  She's now resting some more.  She's a very sweet doggy and is very quiet (for now).  I think she'll be a good running dog for Oscar once she's healed up.

Introducing the new zaguate (street dog) PERLITA (meaning "little pearl")

I'll have to take some better pictures later.  I didn't want to bother her too much while she was so tired.