Thursday, August 4, 2011


I would have never guessed that my shit weighs so damn much.  I know I have a lot of it.  But geeze!  I have one duffle bag packed until it's bursting and it weighs about 40lbs.  I also packed a giant roller bag not even half full and it's already 60lbs.  Ugh.  The heaviest thing by far is my blender that I'm not ready to leave here quite yet.  I think the problem with the roller bag is the bag itself weighs a lot.  I'm going to see if I can get a nice sized duffle bag off my mom and throw things in there instead.  I've made my decisions on what I want to bring.  Now comes the time to fit it all in!

Oscar went apartment hunting yesterday and came back extremely pleased.  He found an apartment in front of a big park (perfect for a perrito he says!), with tall ceilings, a washer/dryer room, and cable/internet included all for $500 a month.  He says it is close to everything including bus stops, his job, where I would like to work, a gym, and a dance studio.  Unfortunately that is all the information I have.  I told him to bring a camera, but he forgot to.  And today his internet is broken (he told me by sending me a quick email at his cousin's house) so I don't have a chance to talk with him and get more details.

In the work category, I sent the school I want to work for an email today asking about substitute teacher positions.  The headmaster wrote me saying there were none available *awwww*.  It's a bummer, but not the end of the world.  The best part is is that he said, and I quote "Hi Signe, I remember you very well."  Sweet!  He says he'll keep me posted on any openings.  So that means I'm trying to gather together all the documents I would need just in case a work visa opportunity arises.

I feel like every passing day I spend so much time trying to get stuff done.  And every day I realize that I have more to do.  Uugghh...  I guess this is what it's like moving to a different country.