Sunday, September 4, 2011

Feeling more Tica, yet still a Gringa

Friday night Oscar took me to a delicious sushi dinner at Ichiban where the tico waiters wear samurai outfits.  After a few rolls of sushi, a couple beers and a fried ice cream we headed out to a bar to drink some more.  We settled with a bar called La Finca El Corral (aka: Patacos, aka: El Corralito), where live music was being played and the majenga (football game) was on.  The band was pretty good and I really enjoyed hearing latin music that I knew!  My "Mana" Pandora station has paid off.  I knew a good 60% of all the songs played and could sing along like a tica.  It made me feel great to "be in the know" so to say.

The bar was also offering 100 colones (about 20 cents) tequila shots for every goal the sele (Costa Rica national team) scored.  The game was CR vs USA.  Oscar asked me if I wanted USA to win and I assured him I would sell my country for a few cheap tequila shots.  VAMOS TICOS!  Luckily, Costa Rica won!  When they scored everyone in the bar yelled "TEQUILA!"  Unfortunately the final score was 1-0.  Though I probably didn't need anymore than one basement-quality tequila shot that didn't even come with salt.  (I sent Oscar to go get some.  I mean I have a great little salt bowl in my thumb made especially for tequila shots.  Not going to not use it!)

When we got home I saw a giant moth fluttering about that had earlier been in our bathroom.  I thought "how lovely" just in time to see Oscar knock it to the ground and stomp on it while it attempted to get away.  I screamed in horror and asked Oscar why oh why did he kill such a beautiful creature?  He laughed and replied "You're such a gringa!  Those things give you allergies and eat your clothes!"  Later, we had a similar moth return to the house and I forced Oscar to just knock it out of the house instead of crushing it.  He again accused me of being a gringa, but obliged my wishes anyways.  Here's a picture I snapped of the one hanging in our bathroom before Oscar murdered it.

About 4 inches long

So I was feeling a little bit tica singing latin songs and drinking shots to the sele, but, alas, I still have a long way to go before being full tica.

(Oh and just as a side not, en El Corralito the bathroom doors read "Bulls" and "Cows" [in English].  I attempted to explain to Oscar how it was offensive to call women "cows" but I'm not sure it got through.  I found it hilarious.)