Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Interview with a Tico

Today I went in to an interview at a university.  Oscar's sister used to work at this same university and hooked me up with the interview.  I was extremely nervous that the interview was going to be in Spanish.  And it was.  *heavy sigh*   But the director was extremely nice.  Turns out there is no room for me to teach at the university, not that I want to or have the knowledge to anyways.  But they do have some really interesting global environmental projects going on.

The interviewer presented me with about 3 different things that I could potentially do with the University.  The option I think I'm liking the best right now is that I would work part time with the enviro projects and also get my masters.  Because I'd be working, the masters would be without cost.  CHA CHING!  I never thought that I'd want to get a masters, but I never thought I'd be living in Costa Rica with a boyfriend and a dog named Perlita.  The masters would not be in education, rather some sort of project management something-or-other.  But I believe that the scientific experience I will get working with these projects is just as noteworthy.

I would still be unpaid (though I might get a stipend every once in a while) and am not 100% whether the University will sponsor me for a visa, but I am excited for all the possibilities I have now.  Both the coursework and the projects are based online which I think is awesome.  Gives me the ability to travel when I need to/want to.  Plus I still plan on enrolling in Italian classes which start the first week of October.  If I really do start all of this, I predict in two months I'll be day-dreaming of the times I spent all day doing nothing.