Thursday, September 8, 2011

La Villa de Esperanza

On Monday and Wednesday I went to the day care to volunteer with the kiddies.  I wanted to wait until today to do a blog on my time there.  I don't  think it's fair to judge a place based on a one-time deal.  And now that I've put in 2 days I am quite justified in scrutinizing all I want!

The first day I was told I was going to visit each of the groups for a little bit and give them each little lessons.  So I had 2 small lessons that I planned on giving 5 different times.  Of course when I got there plans had changed and I would now spend the entire 2.5 hours with the oldest group, 6- 10 year-olds.  I started off with some things I had planned and the kids enjoyed the lesson.  The kids supposedly have all these problems (come from bad families, etc) but I found them to be fairly well behaved and lovely.  I mean they're kids.  They can't be that corrupt yet!  When the kids finally left the main teacher and I talked briefly.  And she somehow decided it was a good idea to divulge to me that her husband is cheating on her and wants a divorce.  I told Oscar about this and he told me "nothing is private in Costa Rica".  Well I guess not.

On Wednesday I arrived a little later and the kids were working on painting Styrofoam cups to look like the Costa Rican flag.  (September is "el mes de la patria" because Independence Day is September 15.)  We reviewed what I had gone over the day before and then introduced colors.  It amazes me how much these kids already know.  And it's also a shame our gringo 6 year-olds aren't taught Spanish like these kids are English.  All the kids got picked up earlier than normal that day, and the main teacher left too.  I spent the 40 minutes waiting for Oscar to come pick me up watching the world of Pavas go by.

So what does all this mean?  I'm surprised to find myself enjoying working with the kids.  They are mostly attentive and eager to learn.  They seem to like me, and I really enjoy being called "profe".  I like that when little kids say crazy things it's just cute and you don't have to worry about their sanity like you do with high-schoolers.

I don't return until Monday because this Friday is "El dia del nino", Kid's Day.  That's right mommy, Kid's Day does exist!  (When I was little I always asked why there wasn't a kid's day when there was a mother's and father's day.  My mom would always say "every day is kid's day".)

On a side note, I think my Spanish is slipping.  Oscar and I talk in English almost all the time just out of habit.  I blog in English, facebook in English, and have been listening to English music.  So I'm going to attempt to get back into the swing of Spanish.  I've got a book I'm reading in Spanish and I'm currently listening to "Te Mando Flores" by Fonseca.  A song I'm sure Oscar (and probably Jay) would claim is terrible, but I love poppy, cheesy, dancey Spanish music!

I mean how can you not dance happy with this song playing???

And here's one to tug at those Latin heart strings.