Monday, October 17, 2011


As most of you probably know, down here in the tropics we have two seasons- rainy and less rainy (aka: dry).  I knew seasons were something I was going to miss, because it was something I missed when I was here 3 years ago.  North Carolina has four pretty distinct seasons, even though "winter" only lasts about 2 months and summer takes up most of the year.  My favorite season has always been fall.  I love so many things about fall.  I love wearing "warm" colors and scarves.  I love the changing colors of the leaves and the comfort of a hot meal. I love carving pumpkins in October and eating pumpkins in pie form in November.  I also love the NC State Fair.  And this is what I was missing most yesterday.

The NC State Fair is the epitome of everything good, great, tacky and country of North Carolina.  There's fluffy bunnies with floppy ears.  We have 800 pound pumpkins alongside "unusual vegetables" in one tent.  There's pig races and masonry contests.  Sand sculptures and angels made out of mops.  There's fudge and free hushpuppies.  And of course, anything you want fried.  Fried cheeseburgers, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, twinkies, oreos, candy bars, coca-cola, butter, cheesecake, pickles, donuts, hell I believe if you handed them your youngest child they would put him in a deep fryer and serve him up with mayonnaise.  The one thing I was truly aching for yesterday, were apple fritters.  So instead of wallowing in my own sorrow for not having access to all things autumn, I decided to be proactive!

Apple fritters are basically apple slices deep fried.  Well I figured I could make those!  So I looked up a recipe, and found a golden one.  It's posted by PioneerWoman, and if you know anything, you know that whatever PioneerWoman posts turns to gold.  I followed the recipe pretty exact, except I also added in nutmeg, clove and about tripled the amount of cinnamon.  I love spices!

Fritter batter

This was my first time ever frying anything (bad! bad! southern girl!) and I think it turned out quite lovely.

Fry, fritters, fry!

Come to me saturated fats!

Oscar gets in on the fritter action.


We then took a batch over to Oscar's mom's house where we devoured them accompanied with coffee.  (I had papaya en leche, coffee gives me headaches)  It was also pretty chilly outside so I wore my coat, which I was told I "looked like a gringa in", but a nice gringa.  A great fall day in tropical paradise!