Friday, October 14, 2011

My Pretty Puppy

It's no secret that I love my puppy.  But the rest of this post is-- so SHHHHH!!  Don't tell Oscar!=)

It has been rainy and cold for the past week here in Costa Rica.  The coastline is flooding badly and lots of people are getting displaced because of it.  I'm fortunate in that I'm only having a "wet dog" problem.  I can take my Perlita on a walk in the morning with no rain, but around 11am it starts raining and doesn't stop.  This causes a couple problems.  1- Perlita gets wet when we go out in the afternoon/evening.  And Oscar hates "dog water".  2- All the poisonous toads come out.  One bite could be the end of Perlita and she just wants nothing more than a mouthful of toad.  So we have to avoid the park.  3- Even though it doesn't rain in the morning, the lack of any sun means the ground stays muddy.  So when Perlita has her romp through the park, she in turn becomes quite muddy.  4- Perlita gets cold.  She's adorable when she curls up all tiny, but her ears get cold and I feel bad for her.  It's not like I can turn on the heat.


Her pecas show up when she's wet.

Filthy puppy!

*sigh* Can't bathe her every day...

Poor, cold puppy all curled up.

So today Pretty Perlita was all curled up and chilly.  I was even cold and had to put on a sweatshirt and pants.  I went over and felt her ears and they were cold.  I felt bad for her so I went and got a blanket we never use to put on top of her.  I mean I couldn't just let her stay cold!  Well she loved the blankey and got all snuggled inside of it.

Snuggly puppy!

Oscar will be mad if he sees that she used this blanket.  But look how sweet!!

Well after reading my Cosmo en espanol for a bit, I went out to do the dishes.  Perlita is the type of puppy who loves to hang around people.  I guess all dogs are like this, but especially Perlita.  When Oscar and I eat dinner, she lays down by the table.  When we cook dinner, she lays by the oven. When we watch a show online, she's right next to the bed.  Before I know it, I hear the familiar dog tag jingle and look around to see my puppy.  She had dragged her blankey into the kitchen so she could sleep on it while I did the dishes.  I think it was maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen!!

She just wants to hang out!

What a sweet puppy!!!

So that's the end of the story.  Oscar would be a little upset if he knew she was using a blankey.  But I'll wash it and he'll never know.  (unless he reads this blog post!!!)

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