Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sono qui per studiere l'italiano!

Did I just tear up a beautiful language?  Probably.  Today was (finally!!!) my first day of Italian classes, and I had a BLAST.  I forgot what it's like to start at the beginning learning a language having absolutely no prior knowledge at all.  When I was in Costa Rica 3 years ago and began learning Spanish, I at least had a basis of the language already.  I hadn't taken classes, but there's lots of Spanish in the USA and my mom is fluent and would occasionally yell things at us growing up like "SERVILLETA!", which meant to put your napkin on your lap.  The last time I started truly from the beginning was when I was learning German in middle school.  That was about... 11 or 12 years ago.  (geeze!)  Starting from the beginning is hard.

Why did I pick Italian?  Well for a couple reasons.  First would be because my ultimate master plan for my life is to snag a Spanish speaking man (check), move to Itlay, raise tri-lingual children, and eat tomatoes and drink wine every day.  *sigh* One can dream, right?  The second reason is because Italian is really similar to Spanish. Most native Spanish speakers I've met assure me that Portuguese is way more similar to Spanish than Italian, but when I hear Portuguese, I might as well be listening to Serbian-- nothing makes it through.  With Italian, and even French, I can understand a lot more.  So, good next step, right?

My class is nice and small, 6 people in total.  Our teacher is enthusiastic (have you ever met an Italian who wasn't?), yet a bit scattered.  I had a hard time taking notes that will be useful to me because she just sort of wrote stuff all over the board.  But the class was fantastic.  I absolutely loved learning new things.  Plus I was the only one who knew how to spell gnocchi correctly (you can thank frequent visits to Italian restaurants with my sister for that piece of knowledge!).

As I walked to the bus stop after class, and the rest of the students hoped into their BMWs and Mercedes, I realized that learning languages is a true passion.  Now to only find a way to make it lucrative!  Ciao bella!