Monday, October 3, 2011

Tay and Val: My Heroes

This past Friday, Oscar and I went to a couch surfing event hosted by two girls from Singapore, Tay and Val.  Tay and Val have set a goal of biking all the way around the world in 5 years after they met a man living his dream-- having a restaurant and hotel in old train cabins.  They left Singapore 18 months ago and have since traveled through Taiwan, Japan, Hawaii, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and now Costa Rica.  I actually saw these two from a bus one day and was very close to yelling "PARADA" to get off and talk to them. The next day I saw their invitation in Couch Surfing and decided I had to go.

These two girls are amazing.  One used to be a film director, the other an actress.  Both quit their jobs and started writing letters to sponsors.  To this day they have yet to pay for anything.  They stay with couch surfers, hostels who will sponsor them, and friends of friends of friends.  One man is paying single handed for all of their airfare.  And on their terrific adventure they are recording and inspiring dreams.

On Friday, Tay and Val gave a quick presentation about how they got started and some of their adventures so far.  It was so truly touching it made me want to buy a ticket somewhere and JUST GO RIGHT NOW.  Though at the same time, I feel I've already done that to an extent.  I've come to Costa Rica to live, without any real concrete plans.

Anyways, I highly suggest you visit their website and donate whatever you can to their cause.  We offered to let them sleep on our stinky, nasty, old mattresses as a last resort.  But I think they plan to stay with someone else.  You can also post what your dream is on this page where they are attempting to collect 2012 dreams of Latin America.  Here's an article that came out in La Nacion (Costa Rica's newspaper) in Spanish if you'd like to have a look.

So, what's YOUR dream?

**I stole all the pictures from Tay and Val's website.