Thursday, October 20, 2011

This and That

Just a few random things going on right now.

Yogurt  I have ruined the last three batches of yogurt.  My inexpensive yogurt is now expensive and nonexistent.  *sigh*  One day I'll remember to do all of the 3 steps involved.

Nicaragua  Tomorrow I'm heading to Granada, Nicaragua for two days.  I need to renew my visa which runs out the first week of November.  You're really supposed to be out of the country for 3 days in order to get a new 90 day tourist visa, but I just don't see the border guy flipping through all my old Costa Rica and Nicaragua stamps (about 20 total) to find the one with the most recent date and then figure out if I've been out for 3 days or not.  Normally I'm excited about traveling and getting away, but going out of the country feels like a chore now.  I want to leave when I feel like it, not when my visa says so.  But the other option is risking jail, fines, or deportation.  Which are all worse than a chore.  So to Granada I go!

Italian Class  I'm loving it.  There is this one girl who is (what my mom likes to call) a total Loud Mouth Know It All.  It's frustrating because she constantly corrects me (and everyone in the class) before we have time to think about it ourselves.  But I can tell she likes to be the center of attention as she loves to talk about how she always feels like a foreigner in Costa Rica (she's from Venezuela, been in CR for 3 years).  And all I can think is "hello?!  Blonde, tall gringa here??"  But whatever.  I also realized that everyone in my class is loaded.  They all have cars, which are all much nicer than what I had in the USA.  Granted, Dr Jones, my lovely '90 Honda Accord, was not the most pristine thing on the road, but all these kids drive BMWs and Mercedes.  New ones.  This might not sound too over the top, but cars here are ridiculously expensive.  If I were to buy my exact same car (a '90 Honda) here, it would run me at least $4-5000.  For a car that I bought for $1500 about 7 years ago and just gave away to the janitor at my school.  Which leads me to my point that the students in my class are LOADED.  But I guess that makes sense, since they obviously don't have jobs and have time to take Italian classes in the morning.  Maybe someone will one day offer me a ride in their sporty 2-door Mercedes...!

Weather  It has been raining here non-stop for the past two straight weeks.  Today we finally got some "partly sunny" weather that I was so excited about I decided to walk home (well to the bus stop) from my class instead of take a taxi.  I have been vitamin D deprived!  Now it's raining again, but at least we got a little sun.

Trains  I've seen train tracks in CR but never actual trains.  Until today!  There are no gates that come down to stop you from driving or walking when the trains come.  Instead, they just blow their horn really loud and you have to know to not go where ever the tracks are.  Today a train decided to come while I was walking on the tracks. YIKES!!  There is a part of the sidewalk that is actually train tracks.  Of course I didn't get hit, but I did freak out and quick run onto the non-train tracks sidewalk area.  Lovely first time seeing a train.

This is a gate that you will not see in CR.

This is what you'll see.  Hey!  Watch out for the train!