Saturday, November 5, 2011

An interesting Saturday morning

Just a quick story I'd like to share.

Every morning I walk my puppy to a gated park at the top of a big park so I can let her off the leash to run.  The puppy LOVES running and since I can't run because of my feet (not that I would want to anyways, running sucks!) I let her loose in a fenced area.

Normally lots of people are passing by, and at least a few doggies.  But on Saturday and Sunday it's quite vacant.  I guess people like to sleep past 7am on the weekend, the lazy bums...  Well I get to the park, and I walk in the gate.  As soon as I close the gate a see a woman across the street inside the gate of a house.  She's waving at me and pointing.  I turn around and look behind me, nothing.  She keeps waving and pointing.  I wave back.  This lady continues to wave and point, not saying anything.  Then she makes a finger across the throat movement, yeah the kill gesture.

Immediately I think there's a thief in the park.  There's not a lot of places to hide in the park, and I always check it over before I go in to look for a) other people, b) other doggies, or c) potential creepy guys.  I knew I hadn't seen anyone, but left the park with the puppy and went over to the lady.  The lady is now telling me that there is a crazy man around.  I ask her where.  She says there's a crazy man who is going to kill her.  I again ask her where is this crazy man.  She tells me he's in the house with her.  Her son (or her daughter, couldn't quite understand) was going to kill her for some reason.

Well honestly, now I've gone from "OH MY GOSH A MURDERING MANIAC IS AROUND! RUN! RUN!" to "This isn't really my problem."  Now I'm not a cold, heartless monster, but I feel like normal, basic biological instinct makes us care more about our lives, than a stranger's.  But I digress.

I tell the woman that she should leave the house.  She says she can't because she doesn't have any keys.  (In order for that part to make sense, you have to realize that each house in San Jose area is surrounded by high walls or fences, usually topped with razor wire or electrified cables.  You can't go in or out without keys, unless you're really agile and determined.)  I tell her that I'm sorry, but I don't know what to do.  And I didn't.  I didn't have my phone, and even if I did I wouldn't know what number to dial.

Luckily right at this moment an older man was walking by, so I called him over to help.  He also didn't have a phone.  Then a group of smoking teens passed, and they called the cops for her.

The smoking teens went on their way.  The man told the woman he would stay for a bit.  I went across the street to the fenced in park and let the puppy run.  A little while later I noticed that the man had left.  The old woman was still standing at the fence.  Next thing I see, a young guy, probably the son, comes out and starts talking to her.  They stand outside for a bit, then he helps her walk back into the house.

By now I've come to the conclusion that the woman is probably ill.  This will also sound cruel, but Oscar tells me Pavas is known for crazy people.  The largest mental institution is in Pavas, and just to cement the crazy people fact- there's two houses for mentally ill people not even a block from where we live.  But, I still feel like I owed it to the lady to hang around for the cops to come.  Plus, the puppy was having a blast running around.

I'd say about 20 or 30 minutes later, I see a truck labeled POLICIA drive by.  Not stop.  Not look around.  Just drive by.  Not even slowly.  I don't know if these were the cops that were called, but if they were shame, shame on them!  They didn't even bother to check out the problem.

I finally decided that my commitment to this situation had ended.  I had done everything but jump in front of that police truck and tell them what to do.  I got my happy, exhausted puppy and left.

All I can do now is hope everything turned out for the best.