Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's official

I will be working next year.  WOO!  I got not one, but two job offers this week.  But one was in a strange way. I went into what I thought was a second interview, only to find out that they thought I accepted a job in the first interview.  The HR lady kept telling me "don't get a contract with anyone else!" and I was sort of confused.  I guess I'm used to the words "We would like to offer you a job, would you accept?" routine.  Whereas in this case the first (very strange) interview ended in this way-- Director: "Do you love high schoolers?"  Signe: "Umm.. yes"  Director: "Okay if you really love high schoolers, we can move onto the next step.  You need to set up a second interview"  Signe: "Alright".  I didn't think agreeing to a second interview constituted agreeing to work.

The very same day I got an email from the school where I gave sample lessons informing me they want me to come on Monday to sign a contract.  I'm very excited about this school.  It's a music/arty school so it's seems really relaxed and laid back.  So even though I feel bad about this misunderstanding with the Catholic school, I plan to sign with the music school and then send the Catholic school a very empathetic email.  I really do feel bad about it.  But after a long talk with my sister and Oscar telling me "this is how business works!" I'm going to do it.

So hooray!

Which leads me to think... I have all of December and most of January to travel.  I've been looking up some flights and everything is expensive (duh) but not out of reach.  The thing is, if I'm going to spend $1300+ on a plane ticket, I want to stay longer than a few weeks.  Plus, most locations I'm looking into (Italy!) are in winter right now and the warmest piece of clothing I have is a fleece jacket.  Not coat.  Jacket.  So I looked into some places in South America (Argentina!) where it will be summer, but flights are just as much as flying to Europe.  I'll think about it and see what needs to be done for my work visa.  My Italian classes end on December 8 and the thought of sitting almost 2 straight months with nothing to do is quite unappealing to me.

So does anyone in a warm or not snowy area want a visit??


DemonxOisin said...

I'll be in Mexico City over Christmas and New Years, come vist me! :D :P
I'm so glad to hear that everything is starting to come along for you though! ^.^