Thursday, November 17, 2011

Man dressed as a woman, and other things

Today I think I saw for the very first time in Costa Rica, a man dressed as a woman.  Or I just saw the ugliest woman on the planet.  Either way, I consider it an achievement.

Italian class was great today because that annoying Venezuelan girl wasn't there.  Man it's crazy how much of a difference her absence made.  Everyone in the class participated more, and I know I learned a lot.

My visa documents have yet to arrive at my mom's house.  I called the CR Consulate (I have their number memorized now) and they told me that the documents had been authenticated and sent out.  Next I looked up the tracking number of the envelope and I got "no information available".  So now I'm sort of freaking out thinking that this stuff has somehow been lost.  But... tranquila, Signe...  maybe it was just put in the mail and has yet to be scanned...

Yesterday I called my mama tica.  I hadn't spoken to her in a while and I wanted to tell her my mom and Jeb were coming and that they wanted to visit.  Well she answers the phone in hysterics.  Evidently, she's been calling me and calling me and since I haven't been answering, she assumed I had left the country without telling her.  I swear she worries about me more than my biological mother!  We gossiped for a bit, and I promised I would call her more.

Oscar and I are looking for a new apartment.  We'd like to move for a couple reasons, mainly because we don't like our landlord.  He's sort of a douche bag, and listens to techno music really loudly.  We'd also like to find an unfurnished apartment to start buying our own stuff.  And lastly, we'd like a patio for our Perlita.  There is one place that looks really nice, but might not be done in time for us to move in.  We'll have to see.  Then, last night while walking the dog, we saw a "Se Alquila" sign and Oscar called them up.  We might be going to see this place tonight.  It's only $400/month instead of the $550/month we're paying now.

Finally, I've been compiling pictures of Perlita chewing her bone on top of shoes.  I don't know why she does this, but she always takes her bone, puts it on top of a shoe, and then chews it there.  Or, if she's not in the bone-chewing mood, she'll just lay on top of some shoes.  It makes me laugh.  So here's a couple pictures of my funny puppy.

On top of my white flip flip

Of top of a black flip flop

On top of Oscar's flip flops

Hanging out with the flip flops

Shoes make a great bed

She even chews her bone on shoes with feet still in them.  Oscar did not find this as hilarious as I did.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha, I LOVE the Perlita pictures!! Maybe she just likes the smell of feet??

- Britta