Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oops- Boring Visa Stuff

I thought I had prepared so well before I came down here.  But I guess there's always something you'll miss.

For a work visa in Costa Rica you need a couple documents: a background check, a birth certificate, and a few other things.  All documents need to be within a 6 month time period, so if I have a background check dated from November 2010, it won't work.  It needs to be within 6 months time.  Does this makes sense?  I feel like I'm explaining things poorly.  Anyways.  So the background check was something that was worrisome to me.  What if I get my background check and then can't get a job for 6 months?  Well then I'd need another one.  So what I did before I left was get fingerprinted and leave all the forms with instructions for my mom to mail in when the time was right.  I recently had her send them in, and she will bring it down with her when she visits.  Totally prepared, right?

Well now I find out about the part I missed: you have to get these documents stamped by the Costa Rican consulate in your home state.  Luckily, there is a Costa Rican consulate in NC, and it's right in my hometown, but I don't know if my mom can go and get it stamped for me.  I forgot to give her power of attorney before I left, which could be really useful right now.  I also have to order a new birth certificate because my old ones are outdated.  Well the lovely state of North Carolina says it usually takes TWELVE WEEKS to process the request.  Of course if I pay $54 I can get it the next day.  *sigh*

Tomorrow I'm going to be making a lot of phone calls.  For some reason there is no number listed for the NC Costa Rican consulate, so I really hope it still exists.

And thus begins the magical journey that is TRYING TO GET A VISA.

PS- Please comment, if you can.  I have been hearing it didn't work, and I think I fixed it?  Just try and see.  You shouldn't need to sign up for anything to do it.


The Gringa! said...

Can we comment now?

Jimena said...

Hey there
don't forget the step of having it stamped by the secretary of state BEFORE the consulate! also, it's all done by mail, so it's no biggie if your family does the mailing back and forth for you

Signe said...

Oh man seriously?? How do you get it stamped by the sec of state? ugghh! Why so many stamps!

Thanks for the heads up!!