Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pondering buying a car

I plan to be in Costa Rica at least 3 years, if not forever.  The public transportation here is really great and cheap.  But every once in a while I really wish I had a car.

First of all, I would get to know the area better.  Streets here don't have names, so you just have to know where things are.  Driving around would obviously help.  I also am pretty sure I'll be landing a job soon (WOOO) and although I can take the bus there and back, it'd be much more convenient in a car (of course).  Trying to get on the bus between 6:30am and 7:30am is like a freaking jungle.  Has anyone ever seen the Outsourced where everyone is trying to get on the train?  Well that's what it's like trying to get on the bus.  The stop is on the guardrail of the highway and the buses come full.  Then the 50 people at the stop all RUN to the bus to try to cram onto it anyway possible.  One time I had to straddle the back door hoping I didn't fall to my doom.  So driving would nice.  Also, because I'm a teacher I sometimes have to get to school early or stay late or whatever.

The cons are obvious: having a car is expensive.  And not normal expensive, but really stupid expensive.  I have been looking on Craig's List and a 1991 Hyundai costs $5000.  In the States I had a '90 Honda which my mom bought in 2003 for $3000, and then I bought from her for $1500 in 2005 which I then gave away before I came here.  Gas is also a lot more, like 3 or 4xs what it is in the States.  Also, registration for cars is expensive.  And of course any repairs that need to be done.

But all the same I've been looking up cars on Craig's List and I found three cheap ones.  The cheapest is a (what looks like) early 90's Geo metro for $2200, then there's an '86 Toyota Tercel for $2650, and the one I want most is an '87 Rabbit Convertible for $3650.  All I want is some shitty car that will get me from A to B without too much trouble and will also fit into small parking spaces.

Geo metro

Toyota Tercel

VW Rabbit

Alas, I need to decide if I really need a car, or if I just want a car.  I've been driving since I was 16 and I'm used to the convenience.  I first of all need to wait to see if I even get a job.  And from there I'll have to do some numbers to see if it's worth it (which it won't be, but you do have to add in the usefulness factor).  All the same, that cute, blue Rabbit convertible is calling my name...


Anonymous said...

The Rabbit is ADORABLE!!

- Britta

Anonymous said...

Signe, who care about pros and cons when you would look so cute zipping about CR in that adorable VW Rabbit! I say if you can afford it, buy it!! Glad you are doing well, except for the small battle with the flu and happy Oscar is taking such good care of you! Also keeping my fingers crossed the job comes quick! Looking forward to posts about your visit from your Mom.
-Liana, a.k.a. MommaBear:)

Rach321 from LFAD said...

Just clicked on your blog link. Love it! We have a red 1981 VW rabbit pickup. I LOVE IT! :)