Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So it's been a while

And there are many stories to tell!

My mommy and Jeb flew into SJO on Tuesday (Nov 22) after having eloped the day before.  We went out to eat dinner at Sash, a Lebanese restaurant that night and drank plenty of Imperial.  Wednesday, my mommy, Jeb and I all took the bus to Volcan Poas.  By the time we made it half way up the mountain, it was clear that the clouds would not permit us to see the crater.  Seeing the top of Poas is sort of a crap shoot (below are my 3 attempts to see the volcano).  But we had a good time anyways, my mom especially loved the orchids growing all over the place.

Attempt 1: A very blonde gringa in front of a... volcano?

Attempt 2: VOLCANO!!!

Attempt 3: I can't remember if this was the volcano or lake picture...

Thursday was Thanksgiving and Oscar's mom put on a lovely meal for us.  She knew my mom doesn't like meat so she cooked up three delicious vegetarian dishes.  The first, and my favorite, was a picadillo de chayote (here's a picture I found on the net).  Picadillo is like a warm potato salad, except you can make it with anything, and there's no mayonnaise.  I'd link you to a reference, but the only ones I find online are for meat, and that isn't picadillo at all!  Chayote is sort of like a green potato.  The next dish was garbanzo beans and hard boiled eggs, very yummy with some mayonnaise!  And finally a rice and veggies bowl.  After much chatter and laughter, we followed up the dinner with a pumpkin pie and some family pictures.  I can't think of a better Thanksgiving!

Still don't have all my kitchen gadgets together.  Using a wine bottle to roll out pie crust.

My mom and Jeb all dressed up for their "elopement party"

Dinner time!!!

Family picture

Early Friday morning we all rolled out of bed to catch our (what turned out to be) van to Tortuguero.  We had to take an alternate route because of a landslide covering the main road.  After 3 hours in the van, we boarded a boat and were handed large garbage bags to put on as ponchos.  It was a two hour boat ride into Tortuguero.  At the dock of the hotel, we were asked to take off our shoes and roll up our pants as the dock had been completely flooded.  One unfortunate Spaniard took a step too far to the left and fell off the path into a very, very deep puddle.  We checked into our adorable cabins, ate a delicious lunch, and took a boat taxi over to the "more small than nice" town of Tortuguero.  Our guide, Robert, talked to us about the town, the turtles and all sorts of stuff.  We bought three 6-packs of beer and hopped on the boat back to the hotel.  Before bed, we hung out just long enough for me to be bitten by a freaking huge black ant.  Oscar told me they are "tiger-killing" ants.  Whatever they are, it hurt like a bitch and stayed swollen for 3 days.  I still have a little mark on my finger now.

Trying to stay dry in the boat

A very flooded dock

No cars or really anything in Tortuguero

Enjoying a brewski

A sad gringa after being attacked by a nasty ant

The next two days were full of rain, sleeping, eating and canal tours.  We spotted a lot of cool animals.  On Saturday we also went on a quick zipline.


Fat caiman

Baby sea turtle

Jeb enjoying the tarzan swing!

Sunday afternoon, the rain finally cleared up and we had some amazing weather on the boat ride back to land.  On the way home, we had to drive through about a kilometer or two of river raging over dirt road.  My mom called it our final canal tour.  Along this watery way and then the 1.5 hours more over a hole-ridden dirt road, something in the van broke.  About 45 minutes outside of San Jose, we had to pull over and wait for another bus to come fetch us.  So the four of us decided to make the most of it, have a few beers and make fun of the misspellings in the menu.

Finally some clear weather

It's always beer-thirty!

Whatever "spumgs" are, I'm glad they're not in my fish!

Monday was a hang-out day, and Tuesday my mommy and Jeb left.  It was such a fun week and I can't wait to go home and visit in May!!!

Oh, and where was Perlita during all this?  Well a friend of mine took care of her for the weekend.  She came back so tired she slept the entire day away.  What a silly puppy.

Perlita sniffing out food in Jeb's beard.  She's wearing her brand new fancy-pants collar that Jay gave her!  Thanks Jay!!!