Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sometimes it's okay to be easy on yourself

One of my friends told me this and it has since been my mantra when I'm feeling stressed, sick or down.  But I was not easy on myself yesterday.  It was quite the opposite.

Yesterday I had two interviews, the first one was in the morning at a German/English school.  The second was in the afternoon at the school where I already had an interview.  I woke up and felt a cold coming on.  I didn't know how much I wanted to go to these interviews, but in the end I decided it was crucial to get to both of them.  I mean I really need a job.

The first interview was pretty far away and cost me a whopping 9000c to get there in a taxi!  That's one of the most expensive taxi rides I've ever taken, but the driver was very nice and helpful in getting me to the right place.  The principal interviewed me in Spanish which made me nervous.  I'm okay speaking in Spanish, but my vocabulary is so much better in English and it makes me feel stupid to use the word "bueno" over and over again.  I suppose the principal liked me, as she introduced me to the current science teacher and told me to come in next week to give sample classes, which I will be paid to do.  I have to teach systems to 5th graders, heredity to 4th graders and life cycles to 3rd graders.  I've taught all those things, just not to babies.  We'll see what I can come up with.  I really liked the school and would love to land a job there.

Because the taxi ride was about double what I was expecting, I didn't have enough money to take a taxi home.  I asked the guard where I could get a bus and he pointed me in the right direction.  I found the bus stop and tons of buses were going by.  I kept walking up and asking if they were going to San Jose.  Finally, another man at the stop told me he was also going to San Jose and would tell me when the bus was coming.  I got on the bus and got off when I saw the WalMart which isn't too far from where we live.  Got a taxi home and took a one hour nap.

When I woke up from my nap I felt even worse than I did that morning.  But by then I figured it was too late to call and reschedule the interview, so I got on the bus to San Jose and went off.  On the taxi ride from SJ to the school, I started feeling worse and worse.  I felt hot and sticky and could tell I had a fever.  My nose was running and I had a headache.  I made it to the school and when the psychologist lady handed me a 201 question test and a 20 question fill in the blank sheet (all in Spanish), I knew I had made a mistake by coming in.  Some of the T/F statements were really strange like "I regret my first sexual experience", "I enjoy watching pornography", "I feel alone even with other people", "I wash my hands compulsively even though I know they're clean".  And then the fill in the blanks were "When I drink in excess I...", "My biggest failure is...", "My biggest personality flaw is...".  I mean what the hell?  There were also lots of statements, words or phrases I didn't understand so I just left them blank.

I finished those two tests, and was then handed another test that was 170 questions long (again in Spanish).  All these questions were geared towards business people and it was hard to answer things like "I want to learn about financial workings in the world", or "I enjoy meeting with clients and discussing portfolios".  When I finally finished all the tests, I was taken into another room where I was interviewed orally (in Spanish).  I don't know how much I impressed them, by then I was so out of it I probably wouldn't have been able to interview in English.

Two and a half hours later, I left the school.  I walked about a kilometer down to the main street where I caught a random bus into San Jose.  I then had to walk about 2 kilometers to my Pavas bus stop, in the rain.  Right as I come up to the bus stop, the bus pulls up so I had to run to get on the bus.  The bus was crowded, hot, and muggy.  Snot was flowing from my nose like a river, and by then my tissues were so saturated I just started wiping on my sleeve.  When I finally made it home around 6pm (about a 2 hour full commute from the school), Oscar met me outside the bus with an umbrella.  I made it into the apartment and started crying because I was sick as a dog and tired as a... dog.  Oscar rushed off to get me some greasy, delicious chicken soup while I washed the bus grime off myself in a shower.  I fell asleep at 8:15pm.

This morning I am still feeling horrible.  I decided to skip my Italian classes, and will probably cancel my interview I have tomorrow.  Because, sometimes it's OKAY to be easy on yourself!!!!!!!!


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Can everyone leave comments now?

Anonymous said...

Can everyone leave comments now?