Monday, November 7, 2011

Successful in San Jose

So I wanted to write about a few things.

-->Oscar and I went and paid for our Tortuguero Tour!!!  My mommy and her boyfriend are coming in just 2 weeks!  How exciting!  (and a funny story attached)  While driving back to the apartment, we passed through San Jose's red light district.  Oscar was telling me that evidently there are barber shops where you can get a haircut, and then have sexual relations.  He tells me he's not sure of the quality of either of the services, but I suppose if only one is satisfying, then it's worth it.

-->Today was my first time giving a "sample class" to one of the schools in Santa Ana.  I really enjoyed it, though I prepared a lot more than I needed.  I'm not used to working with babies (5th graders) and things took a lot longer than I expected.  But I think they enjoyed the lesson and learned, so we'll see.  Tomorrow I have to teach plant reproduction to 4th graders!  Eek!

-->I had what I think is my final interview today in another school that is around Santa Ana.  Oscar dropped me off at a bus stop on the highway, where I then took a bus to about half way, and next I started walking and looking for a taxi.  It was damn near impossible to get a taxi and I ended up getting to my interview a couple minutes late.  But the director didn't mind, and started asking me questions.  He was quite impressed that I worked at a Title One school in the USA, and mentioned a few times that I must be a really great teacher just because of this.  He asked 3 more questions then just straight up told me that he wanted to hire me.  He says "I could waste your time and keep you here for another hour, but you've answered all the questions exactly the way I wanted you to and I want to hire you."  I was very impressed with myself.  WAY TO GO GRINGA!  He says he's not sure whether he'll have an opening until the beginning of December, but he says if he calls it will be to go to Human Resources and to start my visa process.  Woo go me!

-->After the interview, I asked the guard where I could catch a bus to San Jose.  I walked to the stop and was waiting for the buses.  I didn't know where I was, I just planned on getting on a bus with "SAN JOSE" written on it.  All of a sudden, four buses in a row come by my stop.  I was trying to read them all frantically to see which one I needed to wave down, and finally spotted the San Jose bus.  The bus goes some route I have never seen before, but eventually winds up near a place I recognize.  I got excited because I got off at the exact right stop!  All I had to do was walk around the corner to my Pavas bus stops which takes me directly home.  I felt like such a bad mother WATCH YOUR MOUTH when I got home using $1.20 instead of the $25 it would have surely cost me to get home in a taxi.  In fact, I'm more proud of my navigation of the bus system than I am of my performance at the interview.

That's all for now.  I'm exhausted and need to get my Italian homework done.


D said...

"such a bad mother WATCH YOUR MOUTH" Hahaha I almost died laughing. I would feel like that, too! Congratualtions, P.S!

Jimena said...

yeay bus!!1 that would have intimidated me too, and I grew up here.
Mad props, yo...