Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I'm so excited that my mommy and her boyfriend are coming to visit next week!!!  I can hardly believe it's already almost Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is by far my most favorite holiday of all time.  It's just a time to hang out with people and eat and drink a whole lot.  What's not to enjoy about something like that?  We were planning on having a dinner at Oscar's aunt's house, but she is so busy working lately that she just can't do it.  I imagine Thanksgiving dinner to probably be rice, beans and pumpkin pie.  Which my mom will probably enjoy more than turkey anyways.

A typical plate of food, or "casado"

When they come to visit we're going to Tortuguero, which is BY FAR my favorite place in Costa Rica.  I haven't been everywhere, but I've been to most tourist destinations, and Tortuguero was the greatest.  Last time I went was in the dry season, so I hope it's just as lovely now.  We've been having such nice days, but now it's rainy again.  I looked up the forecast, but let's be honest, this forecast could probably be used for all eternity.  It'll be warm and it might rain.

Sometimes I wonder how meteorologists get jobs in Costa Rica

I've made a big list of things I want my mom to bring me from the USA.  But the one thing I'm the most excited about is GRIITTTSSS!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't think I'm too country of a southern girl, but geeze grits are delicious and should be a staple food in every household.  Oscar is just as excited as I am about the grits and has already asked me to ask my mom to whip up her famous cheese, corn, and onion grits.  Yummmmmm.....


Last week I finished up giving my "sample classes" at one of the schools in Santa Ana.  I was only observed by the principal one time, and the teacher was only there twice.  The last day was a substitute who was recently hired to start full-time next year.  I hope I hear something from them this week.  Maybe I should send over an email.  I also just got a call from the Catholic school I applied to.  I don't really want to call them back because I don't really want to work there.  Not just because of the Catholic part, but the principal was totally weird.  I'm really optimistic about my opportunities at the Santa Ana school, so I'd like to hold out for them.

And finally some pictures!  It was Oscar's mom's 49th birthday last weekend and we went to celebrate.  I made a cake, and we had KFC and red wine.  Classy.

La Familia!

El queque!

Feliz cumple, Doña Tina!

Oh yeah and lastly, Oscar and I went and got Christmas decorations and lights and stuff.  We got a string of start lights and one string of drum lights.  They are SWEET!  I also bought some foam snowflakes and we spent last night cutting them up to make them look prettier.  This is when I decided I was the worst snowflake designer ever.  Oscar created magnificent pieces of art and I was too impatient to cut the snowflakes more than 2 or 3 times.  I told Oscar mine looked worse and he says "Ohhh... don't say that".  Geeze I'm not in kindergarten anymore, you don't have to pretend I'm good at art!! jaja  Anyways, the apartment looks great now!!

Can you tell which was designed carefully by an engineer and which was hacked at by an untalented gringa?

Even the puppy got a snowflake!!!