Monday, December 12, 2011

What a Big Boy!

(my behind-me neighbor is currently doing her best to tear up as many Beatles songs as possible...)

Festival de las Luces, Paseo Colon, San Jose

Yesterday was Oscar's 31st birthday!!!  Hooray!  What a big boy!  Saturday night we were planning on going out to eat at his favorite meat restaurant, La Esquina de Buenos Aires, but by the time he got home from working 11 hours, he was too tired.  So we ordered a pizza, finally went to buy some more beer, and watched the Festival de la Luz and the MMA fights.  I was quite amused by the Festival of Lights, namely the maraca players in the marching bands and the very odd floats with people in Cirque du Soleil jumpsuits and face paint doing nothing but running around.  I think it was some sort of attempt to show the cultural heritage of Costa Rica, but to be honest it looked like they just tried to make it a more tasteful Carnival.  And who wants a tasteful Carnival??  Oscar was happy to see one guy break another guys arm, and the final fight end in the loser being choked out and fall down like a sack of potatoes.

Creepy floats

Costa Rica's Festival de las Luces


We started Sunday off by sitting on our porch, drinking beer, watching the runners go by (some race) and playing salsa music loud so the runner could hear.  We again were planning on going to the Argentinian meat house, but Oscar's mom called and asked me to make a cake and come over.  After watching "The Help" (don't see it, just read the book), we went out to grab our Holiday Tree and a few other things to bake a cake.  We bought a tree out of the back of a truck for $20.  When we handed over the money, the guy hammered 2 planks to the bottom of the tree to make it a base then shoved it into the trunk of the car.

Oscar cheering on the runners!

Back at the apartment, I put on The Roaches Christmas album and we decorated the tree.  I baked Oscar a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting while he fixed a string of lights.

In Oscar's mom's house I was greeted by the most magnificent nativity scene I have ever seen!  Evidently every year she comes up with a new set up.  This one was 2-stories and was decorated with rocks, tree branches, wood chips, pine cones and a very giant baby Jesus in the center.

In the house, we waited for over an hour for Oscar's sister to show up with the dinner, but she was taking forever so we decided to go ahead and cut into the cake ourselves.  The pumpkin cake was definitely a big hit!

The cake



Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Verlene, I broke my leg 9 months ago and I have a lot of time on my hands. I seen your posts on my broken I love your blog, I always wanted to go to Costa Rica. I was wondering did you write a diary on at site? Good luck I your new job!

Signe said...

Hey Verlene! I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. You should definitely make time to visit CR one day, it's really great here.

I didn't write a diary on MBL. How are you going in your recovery?