Monday, December 5, 2011

Work Stuff Fun Stuff

Man I feel like I'm really slacking with posts.  But maybe you all are siked there's not so much to read now!


So my mom and Jeb left, this Thursday is my last day of Italian, which means I will have ample time to get all my work visa stuff together.  I feel like I FINALLY found a website (in Spanish) that sort of gives step by step information on what to do.  Anytime I look up info or try to ask a forum about it, I just get the answer "it's hard to get a work visa and barely anyone gets one".  Gee thanks.

Lots of people have told me that I wouldn't be able to get a job here and work visas are impossible.  But what was I going to do?  Throw my hands up in the air, give up, and fly back to the States?  No way, I worked hard, scoured the internet and spent tons of money in taxi rides to interviews.  And I got a job.  I signed the contract, and I start in January.  Now comes the visa stuff.

I have to start by getting all my papers translated, which costs an arm and a leg.  Then I have to get them authenticated (again!) by the Casa Amarilla and then I have a bunch more paperwork to get from the school and fill out myself before turning it in and hoping I get a good result.  So I will start all of that... tomorrow. jaja  I'll send off my documents to get a quote on translation.


Yesterday, Oscar and I hosted our first couch surfer here in San Jose.  We only had one couple surf with us in Greensboro, because well... it's Greensboro.  We took her to the festival that's going on in Pavas right now.  Each town in Costa Rica has a virgen (appearance of Mary, ie: La Virgen de Guadalupe is when Mary appeared in Guadalupe) and they use it as an excuse to have a big party once a year.  Pavas' virgen is Santa Barbara (although I think she was actually a saint and not just Mary bouncing around to different towns) and they've been shooting fireworks for the past week.

Yesterday was the "payasos".  Payaso means clown in Spanish, but these are the creepiest, strangest clowns you've ever seen.  The day started off by hearing that the payasos were coming out at 12pm, 1pm, 3pm, 3:30pm and 4pm, no one actually knew.  So we went ahead and got there at 12:30pm and started drinking beer.  A few bands were playing and everyone on the street was dancing.  It was a beautiful day.  Eventually at 3:30 we moseyed on over to where the payasos are supposed to leave from.  What happens with the payasos is they run after you and try to hit you.  There is also one person dressed as a bull that tries to knock you over all while a traditional band plays.  Good times.

Get the party started!

Pavas centro

One of the marching bands

This is a list of people who owe money to the bar

Our surfer getting her groove on with a very crazy lady

Waiting for the payasos to come out!

Unfortunately, the band didn't show up and the payasos didn't really try to run anyone over.  The bull did hit a few people, but not nearly as hard as Oscar had promised.  But, we had a great day and went home exhausted.  We had a quick nap before dinner and this morning I waved goodbye to our surfer.  She'll probably be stopping by again in her 3 week travel of the country.  Buen viaje!

The payasos are coming!  The payasos are coming!

Though, it ended up more like a walk and less like a chase

The bull going after some children

Some payasos chased children, most just walked and then went into the church.  Remember this is all for Santa Barbara!


Tiffany said...

hahaha, spot on with the payasos being creepmeisters!