Monday, January 30, 2012

Moving Madness

Today was supposed to be my first day at work, but a late night email last night told me otherwise.  We now won't start until Wednesday.  This couldn't have come at a better time because Oscar and I are moving!  Unfortunately, there's not going to be a whole lot I can do to utilize the day.

You see, our new apartment is just that, new.  Brand new.  So new it's not done yet.  Yes the walls are up and the inside is painted, but there's still plenty left to be done.  For one, the windows aren't put in yet.  Not a huge deal since it's not the rainy season, but it means we can't start moving stuff in yet, because the likelihood of it being stolen is high.  The other big to-do is the kitchen.  The entire counter still needs to be done.  There is obviously a lot of work, and the landlady promised we could move in on Tuesday.  So we'll be moving in Tuesday, whether everything is ready or not.

And just writing this out now has made me think-- what are we going to do with the puppy?  If they're still working we can't leave her out.  Maybe we'll just have to keep her in the bedroom until the workers are done.

This apartment is unfurnished which means it comes with absolutely nothing.  We got a stove/oven from Oscar's aunt but we still need to get a fridge.  Though it's somewhat of a moot point since the kitchen won't even be done.  I have a feeling we'll be living off of take out food for a week, maybe two.

But even with all the stress of shit not being done and having to move anyways, I'm really excited about our new place.  It has a cute little patio for Perlita to run around and for us to sit outside and drink beer (yep).  It has a much better common area for having people over, the kitchen has more space, and the apartment has a lot more light.

So yeah, I might throw a whole bunch of things in bags today, but if they don't get the windows done we can't take anything over.  Here's to hoping.

Also, yesterday I saw some kids whose mom always takes care of Perlita when Oscar and I go on trips.  Turns out I have both of them in my class.  The older one told me that there's a whole bunch of trouble makers in his class and that they talk a lot.  I said "not with me they won't"  I'm planning on telling those private school kiddies that I used to work in a school of prisoners, which is a *mostly truth*.  It'll be a cold day in hell before they think they can run me! =)

Here's my silly pup.  I was playing with my camera and found out I could put borders on pictures!  How cool!


Antonio Gonzalez said...

Hey Signe, your blog is great. I am happy that you are living all those things, I feel related with the living abroad experience. Moving, first day of work, traveling, falling in love, eating and trying new things... is a new experience every single day.