Monday, January 23, 2012

One last hoorah


Nah that's a lie, there will be plenty more hoorahs, but this was the last one before I start work next Monday.  I was under the impression that we start today, but I luckily got an email correcting me before I showed up today. This past weekend I spent in Miami Beach with some friends and my mom and her husband who also flew down.  We had a really fun time, even though the weather was much cooler than I expected it to be.

Thursday I arrived way too early and Jay graciously picked me up in Fort Lauderdale.  We went to the beach then came back home to crash before heading off to the art show in Palm Beach that night.  For me art is like fine wine, I don't "get" it, but I know what I like.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a whole bunch of pieces I really enjoyed at the show.

Jay and I at the Palm Beach Art Show

No guts no glory

Cool faces

Light sculpture

Petri dishes!!

The next day my mom and her husband flew in.  We spent the day at the beach admiring the beautiful bodies on display, then had a quick beer at the Palace Bar where the slogan was "Every queen needs a palace".  That night we piled into Tim's car and went to Tap Tap, a Haitian restaurant.  It was fabulous and delicious.  I was especially pleased with their mojitos!

Palace Bar

Going to Tap Tap!

Enjoying dinner!

Saturday came around and Jay took me all the way back to the airport, but not before searching me and my bags to make sure I hadn't absconded with his favorite green hat.  It was a great, quick trip back to the States!  A big thanks to Tim, Jay and Baby Boy for being fantastic hosts!!

Tim and Jay

Now onto the boring stuff-- I start work next Monday!  I can't believe it.  I guess 8 months of vacation should be enough, but I know I'll be looking forward to Semana Santa just days after starting.  I'm worried about working, but I know I'll figure things out.  Some things I'm concerned about are:

1. I've never worked with middle school kids before, though to be fair my high school kids acted like 12 year olds and read like 8 year olds.  So I think I should be okay.
2. I'm not entirely sure how many preps I will have.  A prep is a lesson, so in the USA most teachers have one prep a day, meaning they give the same lesson all day.  I know I'll have at least three, but if I have four?  I might go crazy.
3. I'm no good at pre-planning.  In the states I planned each lesson the day before.  Here I'll have to plan a full week the week before.  Guess that means I need to get organized.
4. This school has ZERO technology.  My old school didn't have much and I was cool with sharing lab equipment and buying lab supplies and such, but this place has nothing.  No glassware, no sinks, no chemicals, no goggles, not even a computer for me!
5. These kids will be much better behaved than my last population.  This scares me because I'm used to telling kids to get out of my classroom, how do you even handle good kids?

But!  I'm confident in my skills as a teacher, even though I'm still very new to the game.  At least I have some creativity and enthusiasm on my side.  I think that'll help me a lot.

Oscar and I are moving this weekend!!  We're getting out of our noisy apartment on a busy road and moving to a quieter area just one block away.  This new place will have a patio for Perlita, and hopefully will not have an annoying landlord that yells at 80s music during the day.  The new place is unfurnished, which means it has nothing.  So on top of tables, chairs and couches, we also have to buy a stove/oven and a fridge.  We want a gas stove, but we'll see what we can find.

I suppose I'll stop my rambling post here.  I want a quick nap anyways!  Until later my friends...!


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