Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm never late!

Well almost never.  Of course the first two times I've ever been late for my job was my very first two days at my new one.

Yesterday, I took a taxi to a bus stop.  Well he starts driving the hella long way to rip off the blonde girl but being the street savvy blonde girl I am, I asked him to drop me off earlier where I knew another stop was..  While I was paying the guy, I saw my bus pull up.  So I hurried out of the taxi and squeezed onto the bus.  After getting on the highway, the bus took an unexpected exit onto a dirt road.  I assumed it was some sort of detour as this happens fairly often.  Then a lady next to me says "This isn't the bus for Santa Ana?" and the man responds "No".  Wait, what?  Turns out both of us had boarded the wrong bus.  In our defense, the bus was labeled for Santa Ana, but just wasn't going there for whatever random reason.  "No way", I thought, "no way is this happening on my FIRST day of work"  I was all stressed out, but managed to keep my wits about me and got off the bus about a block from where I know MY bus stops.  This particular stop is on the side of the highway.  No seats, no bus stop area, just some people huddled up against the guardrail.  So I huddled.

When my REAL bus finally came around, I still had about 10 minutes to get to school on time.  But of course I got on the bus with the slowest damn driver in all of San Jose.  It took 20 minutes for me to get to centro, then a half run/half trot 3 blocks up a hill to my school and I managed to arrive only 10 minutes late.  And nothing had started yet.  PHEW!

My first day basically consisted of people telling us how to teach.  You know, the normal stuff- include the kids, diversify your lesson plan, multiple intelligence, blah blah blah.  I get the purpose of these types of lectures, but none of them are ever useful.

After 3 or 4 hours of this, we piled into cars and drove to a cafe to have lunch.  It was too expensive and not that good, but the school paid for it so whatever.  It took almost 2 hours to eat and after an hour of small talk I was so ready to leave I could barely stand it.  The teachers I met (only 17 in the whole school!) are really very nice and helpful, but I was just. so. tired.  All I wanted was a nap.  Forget the damn food!

Finally around 2:30 people started leaving.  One of the teachers I met was going into San Jose as well so we walked to the bus stop.  I talked to him about the school.  He had worked there for a few years, then quit, then came back.  He says the good thing about the school is how relaxed everything is.  He says the bad thing about the school is how relaxed everything is.  He wouldn't tell me anymore because he "didn't want to ruin my motivation".  He sort of ended the conversation by saying "no school is perfect", which is true.

This morning I decided I wanted to figure out how long it would take me to get from the apartment to the school all in bus.  I can't be paying a $4.00 taxi ride every freaking day.  I assumed about an hour since it takes 20 minutes to get to San Jose and about 20 minutes to Santa Ana.  Boy was I wrong.  First mistake I made was thinking about how long it takes to get to Santa Ana from the highway bus stop, which is about halfway there, not San Jose, the starting point.  Second mistake was I got to my first stop too late, watched my bus fly by without stopping for the waving gringa, and then had to wait a full 15 minutes for the next one.  And finally, the traffic is just awful in San Jose in the morning, so it took longer than normal.

All that combines to equal me getting to work a full thirty minutes late.  Ugh.  I walk into the school assuming everyone is in a meeting, when I see that everyone is kind of doing their own thing.  YES!  Dodged another bullet!

I was given my classroom and started organizing stuff.  And that is where I sit now.  I'm supposed to be decorating, but I don't have anything to decorate with.  I'm supposed to ask the supply lady for supplies, but she's busy and told me to come back tomorrow.  I should be working on my lesson plans but I only have one class Monday so.. meh.  What I really want to know is if there is a full staff meeting today or if I could sneak home, take a really long nap and not have anyone be the wiser.

Today and yesterday have been awfully tiring for me.  I feel exhausted.  I guess I got used to being able to take a nap everyday.  Plus we've been up late moving shit, PS- kitchen is STILL not done.  I feel like this move couldn't have come at a worse time.  It's the week I start work, Oscar is in school, the kitchen isn't finished, I can't stay home with the dog for her to get used to the new place, and this weekend instead of having time to unpack we're going to a finca in the mountains.  Which will be nice, but geeze I just want to sleep!

Well that's it for now.  I think I'll go wander around to see what there is to see.


Tiffany said...

Wow ... that seems odd to me, to have all those different grade levels, but I was telling the esposo and his son about it, and they both kind of shrugged, like, "And?" so maybe it's more normal here. Good luck, girl ... and that whole third grade thing ... just good luck, jeje.