Thursday, February 9, 2012

My almost first week

I still have tomorrow, but I have a good amount of time to kill right now so I figured I'd go ahead and recap my first week.

I found out last Friday that Monday and Tuesday of this week would not be normal school days.  Instead I would have my clase guia (sort of like homeroom) all day each day.  In these days we were supposed to get to know each other, go over the rules, and just bullshit around basically.  Now I think an hour would have been plenty of time to do this, and one day more than sufficient.  But TWO FULL DAYS?  Ugh, I ran out of cute games to play halfway through the first day!  I mean really, how many icebreakers can you do?

So my clase guia is fifth grade.  I had already heard that this was the worst class of the whole school.  Teachers told me that they didn't listen, would talk constantly, and never did work.  So when I walked in the first day, I was more than ready for those wannabe bad kids.  Within the first half of day one, I had them wrapped around my finger.  They did whatever I told them to, and they did it quietly.  I think one of the problems with the school is how they much they talk about how we need to be nice to the kiddies, and that we're a family, and that there needs to be "warmth" in the classroom and blah blah blah; that the teachers completely forget about classroom management.  The bottom line is- there is no learning if there is no order.  Kids need to know that there are consequences for bad behavior and rewards for good behavior.  None of this "you're never wrong" bullshit.  Kids need rules.  Bottom line.

My first day of real teaching went well.  I really am enjoying working with these kids.  I mean if that 5th grade class is the worst group of kids they can throw at me, then I'm set for the year.  I haven't had 4th grade yet, but if the 5 other grades I've been with are any way a sign of what the 4th graders are, it should be a walk in the park.

What wasn't a walk in the park was working with the third graders today.  Look people, I'm a high school teacher, I don't hate your kids, but I also don't like them that much.  Children annoy me.  Small ones, at least. I don't like hugs.  I don't like being cute.  I don't like being nice.  I don't like pretending to laugh at jokes.  I don't like saying awful drawings are masterpieces.  Basically, I'm not cut out for kiddies.  Today I put 3 questions on the board for the 3rd graders to answer- what is science?  what is your favorite part of science? what do you want to learn in science?- and it took them almost an hour to do.  To give them a bit of credit, I'm teaching in English, which is their second language... but still!  I have no idea what type of activities to do with them, how long things take to do, what they can read, I don't know anything!  It's also hard for me to control them because I can't yell "SHUT UP AND GET IN A SEAT" since they'll cry and tell their mommy on me.  I'm lost.  I've been looking up "how to teach elementary kids" online, but nothing is really helping me.  I guess this will be trail and error for me.  So if any of you reader(s) out there happen to have any hints on teaching tiny children, please share in the comments section!  I would be so grateful!

The final thing I want to write about is my schedule.  It's FUBAR.  Yesterday I was handed an "updated" schedule which was actually a more wrong schedule than the one I already had.  This pissed me off because yesterday it said I had a 4th block and a 2:15 class (school ends at 2:00).  So I'm sitting waiting around for these kids, who never show up.  I go to look online and they don't have me that day!  I could have left after lunch, but because of this stupid schedule I was stuck waiting around.  Same thing happened today.  It says I have a 2:15 class, and no one shows up.  I'm starting to wonder if these 2:15 classes even exist.

Well that's about it for now.  The following buzzer beater has made my list of favorite sports clips of all time.  My other two are the US men's relay team beating the Frenchies in the Olympics, and Jason Williams scoring 10 points in 10 seconds versus Maryland back in 2000-something.  Enjoy=)


Teresa said...

Hey Signe!
I totally understand what you mean about young kids, they're not even people yet! (Unfortunately, that also means I'm no help...) I just caught up on reading your blog and, honestly, you're living the dream. I might even forgive you for that Duke comment. :-) Buena suerte con los niños...

Tiffany said...

haha, you sound my eldest daughter in regards to the whole kid thing. And she has to direct a children's summer camp musical program this summer. Bwahahaha.
In other news, I went to a job fair today, and Migración says come back mid-February, my papers will be done then. Vamos a ver. So hopefully I'll be on the job front soon myself. Keep the updates coming ... they give me both hope and fear.