Saturday, February 18, 2012

Settling in

This week was my second week at work.  And although there was some unexpected (or maybe it should have been predicted) madness, I'm quite enjoying working at the school.  I have well behaved kids who have a general desire to learn.  All days except Friday, I have at least one break, sometimes more.  Mondays, I can leave after lunch.  I don't make lots of money, but it pays the bills and leaves enough for Oscar and I to keep up our partying habit.  I still need to figure out how the school runs, like where/how to get copies, what kind of supplies I can request, and generally how to get what I need without being annoying.  I'm not 100% sure what to do with the little kids, hell I'm not even 10% sure, and that's probably what brings me the most stress.  But I think in 3 months or so I'll have it all down.  I like having a purpose, having something to do, having a way to contribute, but you can bet your ass I still look forward to weekends!

I'm also feeling like I'm settling in with San Jose again.  It's not my hometown, but it is my home now and I'm starting to feel it more.  I know all the buses I need to, and can figure out the ones I don't.  When people ask for directions, I can occasionally answer them ("Donde esta la cruz roja?"  "Como a 500 metros en la pura esquina").  I don't think I stand out as much as I did before, but that could be me feeling more comfortable about standing out.  I say hello to the guardas I see every day.  I'm excited to see Perlita's doggy friends at the park and love that the owners know my name and ask me how work is going.  I'm starting to develop a group of friends, heavily based in Couch Surfing, but also just people I meet.

I'm happy here.  I like my job, my dog, my boyfriend, our apartment...  I'm still not completely sure I'd want to stay here forever.  But for right now this is exactly what I need.  There are things I still miss.  (This week I've had a cold and there are no lotion tissues here so my nose is all red and chapped.  Ouch!)  But I don't notice it and don't think about it too much.  More I realize all the things I would miss if I left.  The advertisements being blasted from car speakers, the fact that people wear hats and scarves when it drops below 70, that people in suits ride the buses.

So now it's time to crack open a Rock Ice Limon, hang up some laundry and read a Cosmo en espanol on this beautiful, sunny day.  Could a girl get any luckier?


tbs said...

Girl, I am right there with you on the lotion tissues!! It's the little things ...