Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A pleasant surprise

I haven't been blogging much, but really not much has been going on.  I mean I suppose I could inform you of every day I have at work, but geeze-- borrrrr-ring!  So here's a general update.

Work is going well.  In fact, it's gotten easier as the year has gone on.  First of all, I finally have all the kids names memorized.  You might think it took too long, but I only see the kids twice a week and I have 6 classes of kids.  That's a lot of names!  We finally have internet at work (where I am currently writing this) and I'm not just excited because I can play around on Facebook during the day like the good inventor of the internet intended.  But I can finally do virtual labs with the kids.  We don't have any labs nor lab equipment, so I think virtual labs are a great alternative.  I can also have them do research and all sorts of stuff.

I realize a little more every day how I must be the strictest teacher in the whole school.  I had a teacher with first graders in my room the other day.  They screamed so loud that after 20 minutes I had to leave because of a headache.  Then today another teacher told me that last year one class used to make her cry.  Cry?  CRY? These kids?  Really...?

This week has been exam week and next week is Semana Santa (Holy Week, the week of Easter).  We have the whole week off, as most people in Costa Rica do.  Of course Oscar has to work extra- the entire week (Mon-Sun) before Semana Santa and up until Thursday the week of..  But anyways, just got an email saying the kids don't start back until the Thursday AFTER Semana Santa!  Nice little surprise!  Teachers do have to come in Monday and Tuesday, but they'll be short days I'm sure of it.  Full of god-awful meetings, but short.

For the last four days of Semana Santa (the only days Oscar has off) we're going to go to some fancy pants resort/hotel/condo/thingy.  We got a pretty good deal, considering how fancy pants this place is.  It'll be nice to get away from San Jose for a bit.

About a week ago my friend from study abroad came to Costa Rica.  He's an accountant from Minnesota who was about to "settle down" when he decided to sell everything and travel.  He started in Mexico and made it down to Costa Rica after spending way too much time in Honduras.  We met up for a few beers and reminisced on old times.

I guess that's all for now.  Like I said, not a whole lot has been going on.  Here's a few pictures from around the neighborhood.