Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reasons why driving in Costa Rica is exciting!

1.  Giant potholes.  I'm talking half a lane wide and at least a foot deep.
2.  Unmarked speed bumps
3.  Mango trees growing halfway into the road
4.  Stumps where stop signs used to be, and you just have to know that you still need to stop
5.  Speed limits.  What speed limits?
6.  Pick-up trucks carrying random shit, like living cows or dead cows in "pile of meat" form
7.  Stop lights in awful positions so that you can't see them unless you duck down
...Not that #7 matters because...
8.  Stop lights so dim the only way you can tell if it's your turn is if traffic in the opposite direction has stopped
9.  A blinking green light before yellow.  I actually think that is a sweet idea.
10.  One lane roads that mysteriously turn into two lanes without any indication as to which lane goes which way
11.  Roads that may or may not be two lanes or two ways.  The basic rule is however many cars almost fit on the road is how many lanes there are.
12.  Driving in the middle of the street.  Just cause.
13.  Motos doing whatever the fuck they want.  Just cause.
14.  Roads with absolutely no markings
15.  Roads with giant curves right next to a steep cliff.
16.  Railings that seem to have been added as an after thought on bridges
17.  People running across the highway like frogger
18.  People riding bikes on the highway
19.  People huddled up against the guardrail of the highway.  Because it's a bus stop.
20.  The fruit sellers who try to sell you fruit at the stop light
21.  The beggars who are always at the same spot
22.  Hearing the Costa Rican national anthem every day on the radio at 7:00am
23.  Lots of decals, mostly Jesus heads and Playboy bunnies
24.  Going into the other lane to get around a stopped bus, because the cars coming the opposite direction will probably move over for you.
25.  Railroad crossing which is you having to stop to look both ways before crossing.  Or just scooting in fast enough before the train crashes into you.  It's not going that fast anyways.

Basically there is only one traffic law: Do whatever you want, just do it carefully.

1 comments: said...

...driving into the sunset and being blinded because of the layer of dirt on the windshield.
...squished iguanas.
...everybody beeps at everybody.

great list!