Friday, March 9, 2012

Today in School

First and foremost-  WE WON NOCHE BOHEMIA!!!  Wooo!  I was telling the kids congratulations and how they should be proud, while in my mind I was thinking "I did it! Yes!" jaja, anyways

Just had some thoughts today in school that would be too big for a facebook status update, so here's a blog update instead.

First, in the middle of a recess today I hear what sounds like an entire tree collapsing onto the roof of the school.  I quickly learned it wasn't, when all of the kids yelled "MANGOES!" and ran outside to collect the bounty.  I instructed one minion, ahem child, to get me one too.  The ground was littered with mangoes that had just fallen out of the giant tree.  It was funny and new for me.

The *fruits* of my labor. ja.ja.ja.

Next, today one of my 5th graders left to go to Germany for 6 months.  Her grandfather has gotten sick and her family needs to help.  So I made her a very fine pop-out bee card that said "Anna, you will... BEE MISSED"  Then I got the entire class to sign it.  Today I presented it to her in front of everyone.  I don't know if she got my extremely clever pun, but she did start crying and came and gave me a big hug.  She also carried it around with her the rest of the day.  When I saw her this afternoon as I was walking to the car, she was bawling and came to give me a hug goodbye.  I told her she shouldn't be sad, she should be excited.  She wasn't leaving her friends, she was going on an adventure.  I think it was maybe the best consoling I've ever done in my life.  *high fives self*  She was a good kid though, I'll miss her.

And finally, today and yesterday were the first two days I actually was teaching physics.  I've never taught physics before, I don't have a curriculum, I don't have a book, I don't have an outline, I don't have a lab, I don't have internet to do labs online, I don't have a goddam thing.  So I'm basically just guessing where to start and how to do it.  It's been difficult for me to figure out how to teach physics without getting too hard.  Like, I don't think vectors are important enough to teach to them, but if they don't know vectors, how will they know the difference between speed and acceleration?  I also found out today that my 7th graders don't have nearly enough math skills to be able to do the physics.  Today I taught algebra.  Today I taught that 4x means 4 times x.  Today I taught that x/2 means x divided by 2.  Today I taught how to solve for x.  These are things kids should know before they get into physics.  But they don't, because they're only in 7th and 8th grade.  Maybe my 8th grade kids are a little further, I don't even know because I didn't think to ask them.  This will certainly be a learning year for all of us.

Well it's about time for the puppy to go to the park.  Ready for the weekend!  Woo!