Thursday, April 26, 2012

A better attitude

Well the journey continues.  Let me give you the short version because otherwise I might get in another hissy fit.

Wednesday the lawyer said he would turn my stuff in on Friday.  Friday he said Monday.  He also assured me all would be fine Monday and I wouldn't need to leave the country.  Monday I didn't hear from him so I wrote him an email, no response.  Tuesday, Oscar called and turns out the lawyer's brother died Monday and he wouldn't be able to turn things in until Wednesday.  Wednesday we call again and he says he can't turn anything in until I leave the country again.

*deep breath*

I'm || this close to getting all my documents back, taking a day off work, and going to immigration myself.  The thing is, I DID EVERYTHING FOR THIS GUY.  There was absolutely nothing he had to do but turn my stuff in.  And he hasn't.  For THREE MONTHS.  Three months he has had my stuff.  For three months I have been bugging my director about getting that stuff in.  She assured me it was in immigration and everything was fine.  But it's not in immigration.  And it's not fine.  If I had just went by myself at the beginning of February, everything would be good.  Or at least better.  The reason I wanted to go with my director's lawyer is because a lot of times when you use a lawyer things go faster in immigration.  I don't want to wait one year for my residency, so I thought a lawyer (who I'm not paying for) would be great.  WRONG.

So yesterday I had my little breakdown.  I was (still am) so frustrated with this whole thing.  The fact that that ass hat didn't have to do anything but walk into immigration and hand them my stuff......  ugh.  I feel bad for the man that he lost his brother, but seriously?  What the fuck.  Do you job dude!  I wouldn't have to bother you during this family crisis if you had just taken care of my shit THREE MONTHS AGO when I gave it to you.

Now I need to leave the country on an expired visa.  The truth is, probably nothing will happen at the border.  (I talked to a woman who first overstayed her visa by almost 4 months and then the second time by two months!)  But, it still uses up a perfectly good weekend and about $100.  I'm trying to convince my BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD VANESSA to meet up with me in Granada, but she's not sure she'll be able to.  I want to enjoy my time in this really stunning city, but when I go like this it just seems like a chore.  It's a 9 hour bus ride and I'll only be there for 24 hours or so.

But!  Being angry is not going to change my situation.  It'll just make me miserable.  So, I'm going to have a better outlook on everything.  Yes, I have to leave, but at least I have the resources to do so.  And really, Granada is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to know that you are going through all of that. I am Costa Rican, and my husband went through the same process. We hired a lawyer, and he lied to use so many times... the thing is that my husband's process last one year.
I can tell you that if you do it yourself, it will be done in three monthst. That, I was told by a worker at the immigration office.

Your lawyer is right. He cannot do anything if your visa is expired.

My husband overstayed his Costa RIcan visa once. The officer wrote a note in his passport, but that was it.

Good luck with your process.