Monday, April 2, 2012

The Curse of the Evil Orange Couch

A few days ago on ARCR forum (linked to the side of this blog) one lady posted about trying to get a refund for a couch set she bought.  Evidently, they delivered the wrong set and this woman her her husband unknowingly tried to get it into their house.  Well it didn't fit (the original model would have), and in the attempt to get it in, a bit of the fabric got scratched.  The factory would not return it, so they put it up for sale at an amazing price and Oscar and I jumped on it right away.

But it is a cursed couch.  Perhaps it once doubled as an Indian Burial Ground.  Or maybe some poor soul fell into the couch-making machine and he now haunts the love seat.  Only one thing is for sure- it brings nothing but grief to those who hold it.

The original plan was to go see the couches after Oscar got off work today and see if we wanted them.  If we did, we'd go tomorrow to pick them up and pay.  Well in the middle of the day today, Oscar calls me and tells me he's already on the way up to Heredia with a truck and "a guy".  As soon as I hang up the phone, the sky opens up and rainy season begins.

Now for people who have not experienced rainy season, it usually is an intense amount of rain over a short period of time during the day.  Or it's an intense amount of rain ALL day.  Usually it rains sheets of rain from about 12pm/1pm-3pm/4pm.  Today it only rained from 2pm-3:30pm, but long enough for me to freak out.  

I frantically called Oscar to tell him to buy something to put over the couches.  But it's rainy season, which a lot of the time means that even if you have an umbrella, you're still getting wet.  It's that sideways rain that gets you.  Forrest Gump knows what I'm talking about.

Luckily by the time Oscar and "the guy" get to the apartment, the rain is more of a sprinkle and less of a monsoon.  But, needless to say, there were plenty of parts to the couch that were soaked through and through.  So I did what any young adult would do-- I called my mom for help.

She told me to go at it with towels and then fans.  Which I did.  I spent a good hour attempting to soak up all the water out of the cushions and arms of the couches.  Now I have it all strategically positioned in front of the door (hoping for a bit of a breeze) and have a rotating fan hitting it.  One of the other problems is the power keeps going out so my fan isn't doing all that it could be.

I'm worried it's going to end up with awful water stains all over it (I think it's microfiber, does microfiber stain?).  Not that I care so much what it looks like, I mean I'd like it to look nice, but I'm thinking about re-sell value.  No one would ever buy a couch set for more than $100 with giant water stains all over it.

So I guess we'll see how everything turns out.  We finally have a couch set, a really nice one, and we got it for a great price.  Unfortunately, it is an evil couch, but perhaps we can make peace with the demons that reside inside its wet cushions.  Only time will tell.

The rain

The damage


The set-up

Update:  Well the power went out for about half an hour and in that time I'm happy to say it looks like the couch is drying nicely.  The cushions are mostly dry, the arm of the love seat is still pretty wet, but it's getting there.  Maybe the curse has finally been *washed* away.


Anonymous said...

What a story!! There should be enough priests in that country to find someone who can perform an exorcism ... begone, ye foul couch demons!

- Britta

Anonymous said...

bwahahaha, what's funny is that after Oscar had picked them up and driven off, we saw it was about to downpour, and I said to the esposo ... "Uh oh, what if the couches are cursed?" I hope they dried OK. I still feel a little sick about the whole thing. I am writing this from my hard kitchen chair, btw.