Monday, April 9, 2012

Four and a half hours

That's how long it took to get from San Jose to Jaco.  Not even to Jaco, we were 20 kilometers outside of Jaco.    Four and a half hours to go 80 kilometers (about 50 miles).  That's what you get for traveling during Semana Santa- bumper to bumper traffic the entire way.  The highway is only one lane, but that wasn't the worst part.  The worst part was for every exit, the one lane highway turns into two lanes for about 50 meters.  So all these jerks would screech into the second lane to try to pass everyone.  Which slowed down traffic to a crawl because no one would let anyone in.  It was so frustrating.  Didn't these ass hats realize they were the ones causing the damn traffic??  UGH!

There were guys selling drinks and snacks on the highway in the very slow traffic

Now that my bit of a rant is over, we had a BLAST.  After our awful commute, we were welcomed to the Nativa Resort by Oscar's family with ice cold Coronas.  Now, I think Corona is one of the most foul beers on the planet (second only to Heineken *shudder*) but I was so thirsty, hot, sticky, and grumpy I drank two back to back.  And they were super refreshing!  After a few beers and empanadas, we headed down to one of the three infinity pools to hang out a little bit before we went to celebrate Oscar's sister's birthday.  Which we did later with meat, tortilla, chimichurri, avocado and a chocolate cake.

We made it!  Finally!

Infinity pool!

Oscar cooking up meat

The next day, Friday, we spent almost the whole day at the beach-like infinity pool.  I brought my hula hoop and everyone was quite impressed with the few tricks I can manage to do (only because my neighbor wasn't there to show me up with her circus worthy talent!)  The pool was super clear and Oscar's sister's boyfriend (did you follow all that?) let me use his goggles to do a little swimming.  It was great and I was tired after about a 100!  We had a delicious lunch, a long nap, and then Oscar, his aunt and I had two bottles of yummy wine plus some cheese and apples to snack on.  A good day!

Beach infinity pool

Wine time!

Saturday was similar, except we went to eat lunch at Los Suenos, a Marriot Resort closer to Jaco.  I had a mahi mahi po'boy with mango coleslaw that was super yummy!

I think my favorite part of the whole trip was the condo where we were invited to stay.  It had these huge windows and overlooked the ocean.  We caught some really amazing sunsets and beautiful clear mornings through those windows.  We even sat and watched a lightning storm over the ocean one night.

On Sunday, Oscar and I decided to leave fairly early so that we wouldn't have to re-live the traffic nightmare. We arrived in San Jose in good time, picked up our filthy, happy puppy and went home to unpack.  I was welcomed with the news of not having to work today!  Woo hoo!  All in all, a great trip during Semana Santa!

My puppy is filthy and exhausted after four straight days of playing!


Chymere H. said...

Sounds like an awesome trip!!! And only 100 meters??? You should be ashamed! All in all, I'm happy you're having a good life!

-Chymere H.

Signe said...

I know, Chymere! It was an absolute total shame=( jaja I've moved to the "sport" of hula hooping now!

Anonymous said...

Looks fun!!! Too bad there was no swim-up bar in the infinity pool :) You know in Germany you are required by law to let people in during a lane merge ... a mandated zipper! it's great. - Britta