Friday, April 20, 2012

Rough Road to Residency

I should probably wait to post this until Monday for legal reasons, but oh well.  I sort of highly doubt any migracion official is going to pass by my blog, hunt me down and deport me.  They're too busy losing people's paperwork and giving out wrong information.  Anyways...

This Tuesday I was sent an email saying from the lawyer that my police report was expired.  When applying for residency here, everything has a 6 month expiration date.  Evidently my police report expired in January, one week before I turned everything in.  Yes, it took until April 17 to let me know.  This report needs to be reapplied for in the States, apostilled (new law means no longer needs authentication from Sec of State, CR Consulate, and Casa Amarilla which is GREAT) and translated here.  This is frustrating, but it isn't the worst news in the world.  I already had a second envelope all set up at home with fingerprints and instructions for my mom *just in case*.  I'm going home in 3 weeks so I can pick it up and bring it back down (much safer, easier and cheaper than sending it through the worst postal system on the planet).  Buuut here comes the ugly part.

My 90 day tourist visa expires.  Tomorrow.

I was trying to get in contact with the lawyer to see if he had a numero comprobante* for me which would allow me to not have to leave the country every 90 days.  Wednesday night, he tells me I need to sign some papers which he will send me tomorrow and hand into migracion on Friday which will result in me having my comprbante.  That cuts it pretty close, but cool.

Thursday I sign the papers and send him an email telling him I did so and to pretty please turn them in.

Friday at noon I find out that he's going to turn them in on Monday instead.  U.G.H.  It made me want to scream.  He knows my visa expires tomorrow and I was depending on that number to not have to leave the country again.  Evidently everything will be fine and he'll turn the packet in on Monday and I'll have my comprobante.  BUT If I "want to", I can leave the country "just to be sure."

I'm so frustrated.  I have never over stayed a visa before.  I don't like leaving the country every 90 days, but it's the law so it's the law.  I'm frustrated because I go home in three weeks.  I don't feel like leaving the country just to do it again in another couple weeks!  I need my comprobante so I don't have to waste a weekend and $100+ to make a border run.  I want to believe the lawyer will actually turn my shit in on Monday and then pass me along my number.  But... I just can't trust that man.

So my plan is to wait until next Friday.  If I have no info by then, I leave the country.  I'll be a week over but that's not a whole lot.  I talked to a woman who at first overstayed her visa by 3 (almost 4) months, and the second time overstayed by almost 2 months.  And they didn't give her any trouble.  So I'll look as white and as gringa and as ignorant as possible and hope for the best.

Really I'm hoping for my numero comprobante next week.

*fingers crossed*

*numero comprobante is basically a receipt that you have turned in documents to apply for residency.  The reason you are then allowed to stay in country is because migracion might need you to sign something, show up, or do whatever.  So this means that if you have to leave the country, you might not be inside the country when needed.  And since residency takes at least 5 months and up to 5 years to process, it's pretty important to have that comprobante.