Thursday, May 10, 2012

Looking forward

Today has been a good day.  Yesterday, even after all the mess of Amendment One, my president, Barack Obama formally stated he is in support of marriage equality.  He's the first US president to do so, and I'm really happy for that.  It's about damn time!

I have another reason to be happy today- tomorrow I leave for the USA!  My flight leaves at 4:00pm and I was trying to figure out a way to get to the airport on time.  I wrote my director asking if I could leave at 1:30pm and she finally wrote me back today saying I could leave at noon.  She can be really awesome.  Throughout my residency process she has pissed me off royally at times, but she's so busy I wouldn't expect her to put my residency on the top of her list.  That's why it's on the top of mine.  And although I was told by a few people to put pressure on her and tell her I was disappointed, I never did.  Because that woman is good to me.  I asked for a full week off of work after working at the school for one month.  She gave it to me without batting an eyelid.  I asked to leave a little early to make my flight, and she gives me half the day off.  I have to keep perspective.  Even when she's a little slow with paperwork, it really seems like she has my back when it's important.

So tomorrow I head to Miami where good friend, fantastic host, and overall great guy, Jay, will be picking me up yet again and letting me spend the night on his futon.  Then Saturday I have an early flight home to good old North Carolina where the party will start and won't stop until Sunday.  (Well going to get my documents apostilled in the Secretary of State won't be too much of a fun time, but I'm sure beer drinking and porch sitting will follow)