Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A shameful day in NC

I'm way too enraged right now to write anything articulate.  Not that I'm articulate to begin with, but I do try.

Yesterday "Amendment One" was put to vote in North Carolina.  The Amendment stated that "Marriage is only between a man and a woman."  Now before we get all excited, gay marriage is already illegal in NC.  The Amendment would just change the constitution to say so as well.  There was uproar from opposers saying not only does it name gays as second class citizens, it also would take away women's rights, unmarried couple's rights and child benefits.  Those last three things are up in the air depending on how the courts decide to interpret the law.  But the first part is hands down 100% true.

The Amendment pass 69% to 31%.

I put in my time and made sure to vote against all the way from Costa Rica.  My facebook news page flooded with opposition to the amendment.  But, the county I happen to be from is very liberal and not at all a good sample of the rest of the state.  But I still had faith in my fellow North Carolinians to do the right thing.  To make sure there are no second class citizens in NC.  To make sure that "separate but equal" truly is a thing of the past (a post I saw from the supporter side states that the bill doesn't say gays can't "enter into contracts with each other".  Oh yeah, because that's the same thing.)  To give natural human rights to all humans.  But it seems like the rebel flag wearing lunatics (yes, still plenty of rebel flags in NC) turned out in the numbers and passed the Amendment through.

I'm really shocked to see how much this result is affecting me.  I'm so angry and disappointed and frustrated.  My eyes well up with tears when I read an article about the election.  I want to shake the people who supported this inequality.  I want religious people to keep their religion out of my government.  You voted for hate.  You voted for prejudice.  You voted for ignorance.

I'm happy to see that the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) did the right thing.  Durham voted NO 70%, and Orange voted NO 79%.  At least when I go home I'll be around sane people.