Thursday, June 7, 2012

Keeping up

This is post is really only for teachers, it's sort of boring.

Something occurred to me the other day that I hadn't thought about before- when we move back to the USA in a few years, my teaching license will be expired.  I graduated in 2010 and my provisional teaching license is for 3 years.  The way to renew your license is to either get 15 CEUs (continuing education units) or take 10 hours of classes in a university.  My first year teaching I got a ton of CEUs.  You get these by going to workshops, programs, and other pointless time wasters that your school forces you to go to and "rewards" you with CEUs. But I highly doubt I have 15.

Letting my license expire would SUCK.  Big time.  I'm currently licensed to teach all high school sciences which makes me pretty freaking marketable.  But, if my license expires I would have to take an exam in every single subject to be re-certified to teach it.

So I need to make some phone calls.  I need to:

a) find out how many CEUs I have, and how many more I need
b) see if the "workshops" I go to here would count for CEUs
c) if it doesn't, see how many class hours I have to take to make it up
d) find out if these classes have to be education classes
e) find out if I can take these classes at a university in Costa Rica
f) triple check to make sure any classes taken online in Costa Rica will go towards my renewal

I would hate it if I had to take online classes in the USA, it's so much more expensive and with the salary I make here it would be hard to afford it!  Plus, I'd probably be counted as "out of state" which makes everything double the price.  I have a feeling I'd be looking at $5-7000 for one semester of online classes.  I could do that here for $500 or so.

Since Eastern USA is currently two hours ahead of Costa Rica, I have to wait to call until Monday when I get home early.  Best case scenario: they let workshops here count as CEUs.  Worst case: I have to pay an arm and a leg to take classes online at a USA university.

Here's to hoping.