Monday, June 11, 2012

License Update

After waiting a total of 30 minutes on hold and being hung up on twice, I was finally able to speak with someone at the NC Public Schools Department.  She told me that because I have the provisional license, it's nonrenewable.  Meaning, my license will expire, and it will just stay expired until I get employed with NC Public Schools again.  Then, when I have a job, my license just comes back.  I asked about three times if I had to take the Praxis, just to be sure.  But it seems like I don't have to do anything!  Which is great!  I might call again in another few months just to triple check.  Because I'm just sort of used to covering my ass now.

Work is going well, but I can feel myself already starting to burn out.  Which makes sense, our "winter break" is right around the corner and it couldn't come soon enough.  I've just been running out of good activities to do with the kids.  I find myself repeating the same stuff over and over.  Even the kids notice: "not another flip-book!!  Teacher noooo!"  I need to put in a little more time to come up with different note ideas and such.  I feel so uninspired because a lot of the content is super boring (rocks, water cycle, weathering, erosion, etc).  I'll figure it out.  I don't want to have kids bored out of their mind every day!

With winter break right around the corner that means my trip to Germany is coming up!  I'm so excited about it!  My baby brother flew into Berlin two days ago for his very first solo trip.  *awwww*  He's going to have a blast.  I hope he starts traveling more too.  I think it's really the most important thing you can do for yourself.  Delta sent me an update saying they changed my schedule.  Now I'll be coming home on Friday instead of Thursday.  I'm sort of split with being excited for getting another day for free, and bummed because I'll only have two days to recoup before going back to work the following Monday.  I also haven't been able to chose my seats on the planes and am dreading that I'll get a middle seat on the 10.5 hour ATL to FRA flight.  Oh well, I guess with my extra day coming home I'll have a day to spend sleeping off jet lag!