Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My First Field Trip

Currently watching USA men stomp Tunisia into the ground in basketball (60-107, 1:30 left in the 4th)

So you might remember way back when, my 5th graders won Noche Bohemia.  First prize was lunch at the mall and a movie.  After attempting to organize this trip a few times, it finally stuck.  Today I herded 14 5th graders around the mall.  What an experience.

This was the plan:  Bus pick us up at 11:30.  Get to movie theater by 11:45, buy movie tickets, eat lunch.  Movie starts at 12:30.  Movie ends at 2:45.  Be back at school by 3:15.

Of course nothing went to plan.

Around 11:15 I went to find the director to get the cash for the trip.  Well turns out she did not take out any cash.  After telling me this, she looks at me and says "did you call the bus?"  No... that was your job.  So luckily the office has some cash and they loaded me up with dough.  Then we wait until noon for the bus, since she had forgotten to call before.

We actually arrived at the mall around 12:15.  We waited in line for about 10 minutes to get tickets.  Then we go to the food court to eat before the movie.  This was the worst part.  The food court has a very small sitting area and it's nearly impossible to find seats.  So while waiting in line with some kids, I was sending others to sit at tables to guard them for us.  "You!  Go to the blue table, NOW!"  Since we had to wait in line so long, I was able to send kids out and get a few tables that were at least near each other.

It took us around 40 minutes to get the food and eat.  So about 1:10pm (remember the movie started at 12:30), I go to gather the kids to go.  Well a few still had some food left.  So I scooped it up and threw it in my purse to sneak into the movies.  The kids sure got a kick out of that and started calling me "Frau Food".

We went to see The Amazing Spider Man, which luckily has been out for a long time, so we had basically the whole theater to ourselves.  Which was good since the girls were giggling and chatting almost the whole time.  We were lucky that the movie had only just started.  We might have missed about 5 minutes.

We enjoyed the movie, and when it seemed like it was coming to an end, I went out to call the bus to come pick us up.  The movie ended and we ran for the door where the bus was waiting.  A few kids threw hissy fits because I did not allow them to go buy snacks.  But if I had let one, then everyone would have wanted to get snacks and then we would be even more late.

In the end, we got back to the school around 3:30, not that bad in my opinion.  And all the kids survived.  It wasn't awful, but all I was thinking was how much easier everything would have been had another person been with me.  Oh well!  We all made it back and that's the important part.

Now for more Olympics!


Alex said...

Herding 5th graders sounds a lot like herding cats. Too bad about the logistical snafu, but what a pro to get it done so efficiently anyway!

Also, many props to you for the food in the purse thing. You just went up a couple notches in my book. :)